New NFT Collection Developed and Created by Renowned Cannabis Author


CryptoSpacePunks is excited to announce the launch and public sale of their new NFT Collection, developed and created by Cannabis Author Dru West

Let the invasion begin! cryptospacepunks

(Los Angeles, CA -May 20, 2022) CryptoSpacePunks is excited to announce their brand new 10,000-piece NFT art collection on the Ethereum blockchain. We’ve had a very successful launch and are looking forward to a bright future for CryptoSpacepunks.

After being banished to the Metaverse by an intergalactic tribunal for their various shenanigans, the CryptoSpacePunks have reunited and are ready to invade the Ethereum blockchain. CryptoSpacePunks is a 10,000 piece CCO art collection developed and created by Dru West.

CryptoSpacePunks will be leaders in the NFT space and Metaverse!

Art- Aesthetically CryptoSpacePunks is a work in color contrast. Culturally they’re an homage to the generation of kids who ushered in the age of gaming and digital art who are still at the cutting edge of this new age of Web3 and Metaverse.

Utility- As a member of the CryptoSpacePunks NFT community you gain full access to the entire CryptoSpacePunks Ecosystem including the CryptoSpaceMansion, all four private islands and governance in the CryptoSpaceDAO. You’ll always have a place to work and party when you’re a CryptoSpacePunk. In addition to all that, holding a CryptoSpacePunk gives you top-tier street cred and affirmation of your highly discerning taste for fine art. Being a member of the CryptoSpacePunk community says you’re a savvy collector who likes to party.

Metaverse- Soon we’ll spend most of our daily lives interacting in the metaverse. All the things that matter IRL will matter there too. CryptoSpacePunks will be leaders in this new reality. We are going to do very big things together and there’s no better time than now to get established in our community.

Community- We firmly believe that a strong community is the foundation of any web3 project. The days of being exploited by corporations for our data and being forced to operate and build within their boundaries has come to an end. The future will be built by small, like-minded communities who develop their own new worlds.

Brand- CryptoSpacePunks represent counter-culture, art and community. We think that together we are the coolest community in the metaverse and we want everyone to know about us. Look forward to seeing CryptoSpacePunks pop up everywhere IRL and in the metaverse!
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