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Written by a contractor who has gone through the growing pains of building and running a successful contracting business, Jim Johnson’s new book, Contractor’s Blueprint: Getting CONTROL of Your Business, to GROW and Achieve Personal & Financial FREEDOM has quickly become the go-to guide for contractors and trade professionals. This resource provides an actionable, step-by-step blueprint to develop the strong foundations of a contracting business and create a strategy for long-term sustainable and profitable growth.

In Contractor’s Blueprint, Jim shares his own proprietary information, industry secrets, and the proven strategies he has developed from his years of experience being in the back offices of over 1,500 contracting businesses and helping coach over 400 to financial stability and success.

Every strategy in the Contractor’s Blueprint is practical, tangible, repeatable, accessible, and achievable. So whether you are just starting your business, have over 1mm+ in annual revenue, or are looking to take it to the next level as a 7, 8 or even 9 figure contractor, the Contractor’s Blueprint will walk you through the correct sequence of contractor business building. At the end, you will know how to build, manage, grow, lead, and protect your business so you can work on it, instead of in it.

Jim Johnson is the Founder, CEO, and Head Coach of ContractorCoachPro – a full service coaching company for home services contractors. After years of running a 25mm+ contracting business and bringing to market one of the preeminent softwares for home service contractors, Jim saw that contractors needed more than what he was pitching. They needed a guide, or better yet a coach.

Jim became that coach and built CCP; he has developed a bullet-proof system for contractors to take control of their business, grow their revenue and team, and achieve the personal and financial freedom they deserve as a highly profitable and fulfilled contractor. The average ROI for a CCP client stands at a whopping 1970% – and now Jim is sharing these self-same strategies in Contractor’s Blueprint.

You can learn more about Jim and access additional free content by subscribing to the CCP Youtube Channel. Here, you can view his podcast “Contractor Radio, testimonials, guides to overcoming specific obstacles, strategy sessions, and in-depth discussions on the chapters discussed in Contractor’s Blueprint.

Strategy and Shepherd Leadership is in Jim’s DNA, and his new book, Contractor’s Blueprint, knows that every contractor’s business also has its own. The DNA of successful contracting businesses however all have the same core components – and they need to be built in the correct sequence. Contractor’s Blueprint provides it all, and then some. In the book, you can also access the CCP Contractor Assessment, a free tool that will help you determine the next steps and missing components of your business.

Whatever it is you find you are struggling with in your contracting or home service business, In Contractor’s Blueprint, the struggle is answered. Jim goes through the entire Foundational Backbone that makes up every successful contracting business. Every chapter provides actionable steps through strategic case examples, and the tools & templates Jim provides to Contractor Coach PRO clients. What’s more, none of the steps in Contractor’s Blueprint require you to be “gifted or talented”. Anyone can do them if they want their freedom badly enough.

At a glance, Contractor’s Blueprint will walk you through the understanding, implementation, and strategizing of:

Leadership: Learn why you need to know what type of leader you are, the importance of a leadership personality, the Super Skill you need and the 7 Leadership Habits that will earn belief in your leadership.

Culture: Learn the 5 ingredients of developing a culture and the secret sauce that makes winners want to work for you.

Process: No software can handle the details of a contracting business’s processes. Learn how to make your processes repeatable to grow and scale and most of all make your business valuable.

Organization: Learn how to get a clear picture of the structure of your organization, how your organization communicates, and how you will handle HR early on, to make decision-making and accountability down the line a no-brainer.

Numbers & Finance: After leadership, an understanding of finance and your cash flow are the most common reasons a contractor fails. Get a handle on your numbers and make great decisions about your finances without guesswork.

Accountability: If it can be measured, it can be improved. Find your ‘north star metric’: What you should be measuring and how to use that knowledge to keep everyone accountable to expectations set from day 1.

Contractor’s Blueprint is exactly what it says it is. Jim doesn’t offer abstract ideas, he offers a blueprint. With it, contractors and home service providers of every kind can analyze their own business and immediately put into practice the proven strategies Jim has developed.

70-80% of contractors lose their business within the first three years of starting, this is why Jim Johnson wrote Contractor’s Blueprint. He is sick and tired of people destroying their lives and feeling like failures when there is a blueprint to build a highly profitable business that is the vehicle to personal and financial dreams. 2022 has already seen hundreds of hungry contractors purchase the book and begin transforming their business and avoid the “school of hard knocks” learning that causes so much failure.

Get your copy and make 2022 the year you transform your contracting business with the Contractor’s Blueprint. You can purchase the book here at the ContractorBlueprint Website.

But your transformation doesn’t have to end with the book. Jim and CCP’s purpose is to “Empower People to Believe”, this is why he created a free Facebook Group for contractors to collaborate, mentor, learn, and grow together. Join now to receive insight and wisdom from other contractors just like you.

The time is now to become the leader you and your contracting business need! Stop wasting time and get the “Contractor’s Blueprint” now!

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