World Coffee and Tea Expo 2022 Set to Kick Off on October 1st


Toronto, Ontario May 21, 2022 ( – World Coffee and Tea Expo to launch on October 1st

The World Coffee and Tea Expo will kick off on October 1st this year, otherwise known as World Coffee Day, at Eko Hotels & Suites in Lagos.

With a mission to form a platform to connect our communities through tea and coffee, the event hopes to raise awareness of the people behind making the commodities and superfoods involved, giving them the recognition that they truly deserve. The World Coffee and Tea Expo will act as a foundation for the most prominent B2B avenue for industry stakeholders across the globe to network with investors, exchange valuable ideas, and create enhanced business opportunities.

It has been reported that this tea and coffee event will showcase current services and products provided by companies and suppliers to customers in a path spiraling towards celebration and collaboration. By showing the world what this industry has to offer, the event will hopefully underline the success, relevance, and setbacks that the tea and coffee industry is currently undergoing and how this may affect customers. With this in mind, the theme of the World Coffee and Tea Expo event involves elating mindful market consumption to help treat tea and coffee with the respect they deserve. We can publicly reveal the following objectives of this highly anticipated Expo:

  • Publicly recognize the efforts and contributions of those working within the tea and coffee industry to make this product more than a mere commodities
  • Offer suppliers the opportunity to showcase what they can offer consumers across the globe
  • Bring forth a discussion of the tea and coffee industry, a forum of progressive speakers, and give people an opportunity to show off their skills with the first-ever West African International Barista Competition
  • Bring the business community, tea and coffee industries, and interested stakeholders together, boosting and unearthing further economic potential
  • Enhance the visibility of the tea and coffee sectors and the need to celebrate the strenuous efforts put in by those working behind the scenes to supply global necessities

For the intended outcomes, we can expect the event to enhance investments, entrepreneurship, and job opportunities for many within this sector. In turn, the World Coffee and Tea Expo hopes to alleviate poverty by developing economic profit within the regions of Africa that produce tea and coffee at their roots.

There is much optimism that this Expo will serve as a platform for quality marketing and technology transfer needed to meet international and maybe even global standards. Hopefully, it will also strive to form an opportunity for mentoring by larger businesses to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Expo organizers announce that this event will offer suppliers a range of benefits they need to get their businesses moving again. Providing a broad customer base of dependable payers, increased brand awareness, and equal opportunities for all suppliers, big and small, it’s evident that this is a fantastic opportunity for any supplier wanting to boost their business. By providing the right footing to kick-start rapid economic growth through export earnings, this Expo is anticipated to support many different cafes, blenders, suppliers, and more!

The main event will occur from October 1st to October 5th, 2022, at Eko Hotels & Suites in Lagos.

Other collaborating institutions involved in this partnership event include the West African Speciality Coffee and Tea Association, Canada’s Coconut and Superfoods Expo, and the Pan African Equitable Alliance.

For more information about this event, hop online and visit World Coffee and Tea Expo 2022 ( today!

Source :Glocal Network Canada Inc. and Pan African Equitable Alliance LLP.





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