New Pet Dog Grooming Wipes Pogi’s Pet Supplies Amazon Best Seller List 2022


The grooming wipes are being very well received on Amazon. The product currently sits at a highly positive rating of 4.6 out of five from 19, ratings. Nearly 90% of the users of the product have rated it over four stars with more than three-quarters of them have rated it at five stars.

A five-star review of the product that 186 Amazon customers found helpful says: “Love these wipes! We have two large rescue dogs, and one has sensitive skin and grass allergies that make him chew incessantly on his paws. He also HATES baths and pretty much refuses to take one, so these things are a miracle. I used about six wipes on him from nose to tail and he seemed to really enjoy the experience. He was visibly cleaner afterward, with a shiny soft coat and a MUCH more pleasant smell about him! We got the “unscented” variety due to his sensitivities and there was no adverse reaction. The wipes still have a very light fragrance, though, something that’s clean and fresh; guessing it’s coming from the aloe, awapuhi, and/or some other ingredient. Also used them to wipe out the other dog’s ears and they worked like a charm for that too. Would definitely recommend these to other pet owners.”

Pogi’s Pet Supplies sells a variety of other pet care products in addition to grooming wipes, including compostable dog poop bags and pee pads, all designed with the earth in mind. Readers who want to learn more can visit Pogi’s Amazon store:

The pet wipes are available in regular packs or travel packs. The regular packs come in two sizes of 100 and 400 wipes. The travel packs are available in two sizes of 120 and 240 wipes. The company claims that 100 wipes are enough to last a pet owner a whole month. The pet wipes are also available in two different scents. The fragrance-free wipes are great for pets that are fussy about scented products and need something non-intrusive to their strong sense of smell. The other option is the green tea scented wipes.

A spokesperson for the company said: “All of the products on the Pogi’s Pet Supplies store meet a high standard of eco-friendliness and sustainability. We make use of only the highest-quality components when we are crafting our products because we understand that our customers want only what is the best and safest for their loved and adored furry companions. We also want to make sure that the processes that we use in manufacturing these products are not harmful to the environment and make a net positive impact on the planet. That is why we have sought out certifications from the most trusted names in biodegradable standards. When you buy from Pogi’s Pet Supplies, you are giving your pet as well as the environment the five-star treatment that they deserve.”

Pogi’s Pet Supplies, a sustainable and eco-friendly pet products company, is manufacturing and selling a line of pet grooming wipes that are proving extremely popular with dog and cat owners shopping for eco-friendly pet wipes on Amazon. Readers can view the Amazon listing for Pogi’s Grooming Wipes by heading over to the link:

As previously announced, the wipes are hypoallergenic, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. They do not cause allergies or irritation for pets as they are entirely free of parabens, alcohol and harsh chemicals. The wipes are manufactured in a Nordic Swan, ISO 9001, GMPC, BRC, GMP and EPA-certified facility to ensure the strictest quality standards are maintained. The pet wipes use conditioning ingredients such as aloe vera, vitamin E, and Hawaiian awapuhi to give them the ability to clean, freshen and condition while giving the pet’s furry coat a healthy shine. The wipes are especially effective at wiping away dirt and odour from paws, bodies, and bums in between baths.

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