The crypto MM72 and TOKPIE together offer a passive income of 0.1% EVERY HOUR


Join the liquidity pool on with MM72 and TKP token together (in the Binance Smart Chain) and you’ll get a 0.1% liquidity bonus EVERY HOUR!

San Francisco, California May 22, 2022 ( – MM72, a crypto token fresh from listing has already given remarkable performances with a + 4000% recorded on on the same day on May 18th.

On the occasion of the completion of one week from its listing MM72 promotes a co-marketing initiative together with the TOKPIE exchange, which allows any crypto investor to obtain a passive income of 0.1% every hour in the case of purchase and maintenance of liquidity in MM72 + TKP (joining the iquidity pool of MM72 + TKP in

How does it work?

First of all, you need to be equipped with or open a METAMASK wallet (there is an app for each device), and equip yourself with a quantity of BNB tokens of your choice. With the BNBs obtained in your metamask wallet, you can go to to purchase an amount of your choice of MM72 and TKP (token of the TOKPIE exchange). Once you have obtained the MM72 and TKP, just click on the “liquidity” section in the “trade” menu of and add liquidity. In the box above enter the quantity of MM72 purchased and in the box below the quantity of TKP. After authorizing METAMASK for the transaction, press “Supply“. From now on, simply keeping the MM72 + TKP in the pool you will get a passive income EVERY HOUR of 0.1%.

More information on how to join the MM72 + TKP pool can be found here.

This initiative does NOT expire. When you are satisfied with the profit obtained, you can withdraw your liquidity from the pool at any time and easily convert it back into USDT or BNB and then into EURO or DOLLARS via BINANCE or equivalent exchange.

Don’t forget to vote here and share! Each vote obtained will allow you to obtain additional bonuses which will be reflected as an increase in the passive income in your pool.





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