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Los Angeles, CA – Business is about people, or at least it should be. PR is a need for any company wanting to build their brand. There are hundreds of PR companies out there that can get you placed. So what separates one from the rest? In today’s business environment it may seem like everything is about sounding the smartest, the most technical, the most advanced, but in reality, it’s simple, it’s about people. At the end of the day, people do deals with people they like. Building real relationships is critical to any business success. And that’s what AK Infinite is bringing to the table. AK Infinite doesn’t believe in “one and done” PR campaigns. Rather, they emphasize maximizing their clients investments’ by building the relationship over time. They work with their clients to design a roadmap on the message they want to deliver, and then execute it.

AK Infinite is a full-service, relationship focused, digital marketing and consulting agency that will help businesses establish their dominance within their niche. They specialize in creating quality PR campaigns, doubling the quantity of 5 star reviews, or designing an attractive lead generation strategy. Lexi Kaz, AK Infinite’s founder, CEO, and Amazon best selling author of “College Dropout to Digital Nomad: Top 50 Hacks to Creating Your Passive Income Laptop Lifestyle”, explains that her driving force in starting this business has always been her love of people. The former Division 1 soccer player turned digital nomad, has scaled a 6 figure business, all while staying true to her mission to connect with others and to help them do the same. “Our business model is different.” Says Kaz. “The long term client relationship is our priority. We take the time to thoroughly understand the bigger picture objectives first.” Making sure both parties are a good fit, collaborating on the message, designing a unique plan that is personalized for each client, and maximizing the roadmap created is what AK infinite does.

The agency was founded in August of 2021, and despite being a young company, their team of passionate individuals are extremely knowledgeable, hard working and focused. “We collaborate with our clients to develop a compelling story that will drive their business forward. If they succeed, we succeed. It’s a true partnership.” Says Kaz when asked about the company’s mindset. They offer services in press releases, review management, search engine optimization, social media marketing, podcast placement, and lead generation. PR being one of their most sought-after services, they have relationships with some of the most well-known national media publications in the industry. AK Infinite’s mission is to cultivate reputable businesses into ultimate authority companies. For business owners looking to scale their business in ways they’ve always dreamed of, establish market authority, and be the go to business or professional in their field, AK Infinite is the solution. To learn more about their services visit https://www.akinfinite.com/



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