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Mark Ferrara believes that fitness needs a holistic approach. He explains that there is a misconception that people can only lose weight, and keep it off, through exercise only. Instead, he says that nutrition plays a large part in overall wellness and has updated his sports nutrition services to address this need.

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The expanded offering is intended to help clients better understand their relationship with their bodies. Instead of working against it, Ferrara says, people should be working with it, eating healthily and with the proper vitamins and minerals for one’s specific body type.

This is especially important for those on their bodybuilding journey. The nutrition coach clarifies that bodybuilders need to pay particular attention to what they eat rather than how much they exercise. While the latter is important, it is the former that determines how much bulk one can gain in the right and healthy way.

Emerging data show that bodybuilding is a steady industry, with a consistent number of people wanting to showcase their bodies on a competitive level. Despite common perception, bodybuilders are told to focus on their nutrition, especially in the creation of a heavy-lifting diet so that they can perform optimally during their competitions.

Mark Ferrara understands this better than most, himself a bodybuilder. He says that his passion for being a nutrition coach stems from the misinformation currently circulating online and in person regarding healthy meals. He says that more people should know what comprises a holistic fitness plan.

He is a certified trained personal trainer who specializes in nutritional counseling.

Ferrara says, “By 13 years old I began learning everything I could relating to health and fitness. I became fascinated with bodybuilding and creating the body into a work of art. I began lifting weights, doing cardio training, and cooking daily. I also spent time studying a few different styles of martial arts as well. 17 years later my passion is stronger than ever and I continue to still learn more each day. “

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Mark Ferrara Fitness

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