Augustine Tours Offers Custom Tours That Go Beyond Rwanda Vs. Uganda Gorilla Trekking Experience for 2022/23


Augustine Tours offers tailor-made tours that go beyond usual Rwanda vs. Uganda gorilla trekking routines to those looking for a mix of authentic African wildlife & cultural tours at their own pace this summer.

Kigali, Kigali-ngali May 27, 2022 ( – Augustine Tours, the tailor-made safaris and small group tours expert, is the best service provider for those planning a gorilla trekking tour to Rwanda, Uganda, or Burundi. Augustine Tours organizes tours tailored to meet their clients’ travel needs that go beyond the gorilla trekking Rwanda vs. Uganda routine.

“With over 12 years of experience in organizing memorable small group tours in East Africa, we understand your needs better,” says the spokesperson for Augustine Tours. “We offer cutting-edge tours that are extremely popular among our clients. We also provide logistical support to public and non-government projects in East Africa.”

According to this leading custom tour service provider, Africa offers a lot more than gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Tanzania’s great migration safari experience. Augustine Tours has been exploring East Africa’s immense tourism potential that allows their clients to immerse in true African safari adventure.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda are among the top wildlife activities choices for tourists traveling to East Africa. But there are many other attractions also on offer apart from gorilla trekking.

A custom tour with Augustine Tours to Rwanda can include a few exciting activities such as a canopy walk in Nyungwe National Park and listen to the beautiful chirping of birds right from the top of the forest. A tour to Rwanda is incomplete without a visit to the Lake Kivu, golden monkey, chimpanzee tracking, and game drives in the Akagera National Park.

Independent travelers looking for the best African tailor-made tours are sure to have a wonderful time with Augustine Tours. They understand that all tourists are not necessarily looking for African luxury safaris. Some may have unique travel interests, while others like to travel at their own pace.

Augustine Tours is well-equipped with local knowledge and expertise. It helps them design a tailor-made tour that goes way beyond the mountain gorilla trekking and great migration safari experience. They make travelers realize that Africa has more to offer beyond safaris.

“Asking for a tailor-made tour program isn’t giving us extra work as we use the local expertise to design a fresh program coming from your tour wishes. We try to match the available activities within your budget and time. We also understand travel ideas can be different, and that’s why our tours are also designed to be different.”, says Augustin Ndikuriyo.

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