HWPL, in its 9th Year of Faithful Peace Work, Holds Online Event to Commemorate Declaration of World Peace on May 28th


HWPL’s 9th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace will be held online on May 28, 2022 at 11 am CST with the purpose of reinstilling the spirit from the momentous Declaration of World Peace from May 25th, 2013 in Seoul, South Korea

Chicago, Illinois May 27, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – The 9th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace event will show how ordinary citizens of different countries, religions, and ethnic backgrounds have joined together with HWPL to participate in volunteer programs to strengthen peace between nations. This success and growth HWPL has engendered over its brief 9-year history has created momentum for the group to form new programs and strengthen partnerships around the globe, creating many vehicles to help humanity achieve peace even amid the crisis of epidemics and wars.

In the annual event, updates will be shared on the progress of HWPL’s peace efforts, such as the Legislate Peace (LP) Project that promotes the implementation of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW), Religious Youth Peace Camps, HWPL Peace Education, and media’s peace activities. Through this opportunity, participants will be able to gain insight on how to act on the collective will for peace, a shared goal of humanity, and HWPL’s vision of institutionalizing peace to establish sustainable peace.

On 25 May 2013, HWPL established and Chairman Man Hee Lee drafted and proclaimed the Declaration of World Peace. The declaration embodies basic principles to build a peaceful world and seeks to guarantee peace through legal instruments such as international law. It also proposes that to meet this goal, endorsement of national leaders, engagement of women and youth, coalition and cooperation among civil societies, and expansion of media coverage on peace are needed. On the day the Declaration of World Peace was proclaimed, over 30,000 participants with diverse nationalities, religions, and ethnicities, joined the Peace Walk, urging the global population to join the efforts to create a peaceful world.

Since proclaiming the DPCW, HWPL has been expanding the Legislate Peace (LP) Project, which focuses on institutionalizing peace and establishing international instruments for peace. The will of the global citizens to end conflicts and wars on earth is exhibited through the peace activities of the LP projects deeply rooted in the DCPW. The participation and coalition of the world’s citizens yearning for peace illustrate the common will to ensure a lasting peace.

This year, HWPL proposed the institutionalization of peace as a process to establish stable and sustainable peace through the collective will for peace. Making this collective will a reality can be achieved through collective actions, which contribute to making peace a part of institutions in the form of values, customs, rules, norms, and laws.

HWPL has been expanding various forms of international cooperation to cease conflicts and disputes across the globe and to realize sustainable peace. During the online event, peace projects HWPL is carrying out together with diverse partners will be explained as cases of realizing the collective will and institutionalizing peace. The HWPL Peace Education will demonstrate how the foundation for long-term peace can be established with the collaboration of stakeholders including education experts, schools, government organizations, and UNESCO, to instill the value of peace to students and citizens. In the field of religion, the Religious Youth Peace Camp will be introduced as a platform to promote tolerance and understanding among religions through observation and hands-on experiences. For media, conflicts in Asia and Africa will be covered through Peace Journalism Reports to ensure that the eyes and ears of the world focus on peace. The International Youth Peace Group (IPYG) will explain current cases on realizing the collective will and institutionalizing peace in different parts of the globe, which include proposing policies that cover youth-related agenda.

For more information about the event, including the list of speakers, visit HWPL’s 9th Annual Declaration of the Peace event page.

HWPL’s 9th Annual Declaration of Peace

(event link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89032674327)





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