Rapper P-Lotus Is Showing The World His Amazing Talent


Michigan City Indiana, United States, 27th May 2022, King NewsWire, P-Lotus drops his new single, ‘Get On,’ that people can listen on all the major music platforms from YouTube to Spotify to Apple Music. The song is based on P-Lotus’s real-life experience.

May 4, 2022; USA

P-Lotus is an independent artist who produces new age music according to the taste of the youngsters. He is a rapper, entrepreneur, musician, entertainer, and positive influencer of the hip-hop culture. After many mind-boggling sessions, he is out with a new single, namely ‘Get On’. The singer/musician went back and forth before finalizing this title. He firstly chose ‘Gas You’ as a song title but eventually changed it. There is an interesting story behind the song track name where he states that ‘Get On’ means trying to know the girl and not Gas her head up with false promises. The song is all about knowing her and keeping things real.

While discussing his new song, P-Lotus mentioned, “This new music is inspired by the woman I have seen in my life, but she never gave me any chance for some reason. The song is for every girl who cannot understand what she wants from a relationship. At times, there are good things right in front of everyone, but we cannot recognize them. As this beautiful woman to whom I gave a shot, but she didn’t give me a chance. In this musical score, I am asking that pretty girl to Get On or give me a chance to know her.”

The process of making this song was also enchanting, thrilling, and positive. Its lyrics were written in Atlanta when the singer was in the studio with his mate Cuevo Da Don. The beats to this song were created first, and that positivity made P-Lotus write this song. The song is surely influenced by the nightlife and the beautiful women in Atlanta. After the song was launched on major music platforms, the artist said he wanted ladies to feel empowered and special. On the other hand, he wants men to approach girls confidently and express their true feelings.

Moreover, the song mainly targets mature and sexy women, all sorts of young and grown-up women. Even P-Lotus say that he is trying to ‘Get On’ to the girl of his dreams. So, listeners can pull this song up whenever they need little motivation to express their emotions to the person they are crushing on. The artist is active on his social media handles. Fans can follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

About P-Lotus 

P-Lotus, original name T’ Andre Harris, is a gifted musician, rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur from San Diego, California.

Media Contact

Media Contact: Phenomenal Entertainment LLC

Contact Person: Dre Harris

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Phone: (260) 232-2647

City: Michigan City Indiana

Country: United States

Website: https://pheent.com/

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