Magic Focuses on Dedicated Assistants to Create More Value for Clients


San Francisco, California May 29, 2022 ( – Magic is a flexible, on-demand workforce solution that’s shaking up how businesses outsource tasks. It’s powered by vetted, college-educated remote workers experienced in admin, sales, marketing, and customer support best practices. A fully remote Y Combinator and Sequoia Capital-backed startup, Magic can source, screen, and qualify virtual assistants to help scale business operations. For more information, visit today.


Magic Inc. offers dedicated assistance for personal or business use at just $10/hour. Initially an on-demand virtual assistant service provider, Magic has seen the dynamic growth in the needs of its clients which gave way to the new development.

Clients have signed up for Magic Concierge to help them accomplish anything–as long as it’s legal. It has the flexibility and convenience of having different on-demand services all rolled into one and just a text away, making it ideal for rush jobs.

With the expansion of the Magic virtual assistant services, clients can now be matched with a dedicated virtual assistant who can take on a roster of roles such as:

  • General Virtual Assistant — administrative work, general research, data work
  • Marketing Assistant — SEO, PPC, social media management, analytics
  • Sales Assistant — appointment setting, lead generation, data mining, lead qualification
  • Customer Support Assistant — phone/email/chat support, escalation management, quality management

Right at the start, a Magic Assistant quickly learns a client’s preferences, processes, and more for seamless integration into their daily activities or team. This adds a more human touch since it’s a one-on-one arrangement that fosters trust and rapport with the dedicated virtual assistant.

However, unlike outsourcing platforms like Upwork or Fiverr, Magic handles the entire hiring process from sourcing, screening, and qualifying. Within just 72 hours, clients are paired with a college-educated and vetted virtual assistant based on their specifications.

Taking into account the ease of reaching Magic Concierge with just a text message, Magic also offers Integration tools. Clients can effortlessly loop in a dedicated Magic Assistant about a task or project using the apps they already use like Slack, Calendly, or Google Workspace.

Through Magic, startups and small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can tap into this open talent workforce without spending too much effort and capital on talent acquisition. At a time when the shift to remote work is getting more traction, Magic Assistants can work around common concerns and issues in a work-from-home set up using their own equipment and innovative skillset.





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