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Austin, Texas May 30, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – When it comes to cryptocurrencies, there are no limits to what may be achieved. Cryptocurrency investors have been paying attention to NFTs, P2E, Metaverse, Stablecoins, and the like since the summer of 2020 when DeFi was first introduced to the public. Both the crypto and non-crypto communities have embraced the Move-to-Earn movement. Users that participate in “Move-to-Earn” programs may earn money by walking, jogging, dancing, etc. Is it accurate to suggest that the move-to-earn mechanic in the Metaverse is the latest and greatest way to get yourself passive income?

WalkN is a premier Web 3.0 Lifestyle App that was developed in response to this need. The app enables users to lead a healthy and active lifestyle while earning cryptocurrency and looking trendy at the same time. Start making positive changes in your life right now with the walk-to-earn smartphone app, NFTs, and sportswear made possible by our partnerships with well-known companies.

With a clear vision, the developers promise to make WalkN the leading project of Walk-to-Earn, making the impossible possible. The project will attract a large number of investors and users since it not only connects the passions but also inspires the community with the following values: human health – economic values – sportsmanship – environmental conservation.

Project overview

Combining parts of GameFi and SocialFi, WalkN is a “Walk-to-Earn” concept integrated into the BNB Chain ecosystem. The objective of the project is to motivate people to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. WalkN allows users to earn money while walking and participating in sports.

What makes WalkN outstanding?

Walk-to-Earn is a form that allows users to benefit from their physical activities, including walking and brisk walking. These movements will be recorded via GPS tracking; data from motion and health sensors will be incorporated into the program, which people can easily access on their phones.

At WalkN, there are many walking modes built into the app. Solo Mode with the NFT Sneaker allows you to begin claiming rewards simply by moving. Sneaker NFTs have “Stamina,” or the ability to keep going for long periods of time. It will take 5 minutes for 1 Stamina to be depleted. Check your NFT sneakers for Stamina before you begin moving. Players can invite their friends to join them on a walk through an invitation link provided by Team Mode. In addition to improving your social ties, Team Mode boosts your desire to exercise. Users can participate in weekly and monthly challenges to receive attractive rewards, or join Club and Team Leagues to earn loyalty points or medals.

WalkN missions

WalkN was born with a mission to help bring sports spirit to everyone.

“We are not only here to provide solutions to problems for a subset of the population. Our mission is to promote a healthier way of life throughout the entire community, which includes people of many different cultures from all over the world.”

Regarding GameFi, WalkN’s goals are to encourage millions of people to live better lifestyles, fight climate change, and connect users to Web3.

WalkN in current and future

WNC is the governance token of WalkN. The ILO sale of WNC will be held on June 01, 2022, with 100% token unlocked at TGE. 100% raised funds from ILO will be added to the token liquidity on PancakeSwap.

At the same time, WalkN is getting ready to release its beta test version in the near future in order to collect input from users and improve the overall quality of the app.

Simultaneously, WalkN will soon release its beta test version for user feedback and to improve the app’s quality. In the near future, the WalkN team will transform WalkN into a bilingual program that people from all over the world will be able to use without difficulty. Users can still use the app with the help of the instructional video or by asking for assistance in WalkN’s local groups and channels until then.


By integrating GameFi and SocialFi, WalkN aims to bridge the gap between crypto and non-crypto gamers in order to draw attention to a broad audience. Additionally, the concept envisions future partnerships between “move-to-earn” style games and wearable technology businesses.

WalkN has a strong roadmap that has been set to develop at least to the beginning of 2024. We do not believe that they will stop there, however. With a distinctive protocol and skilled developers, this is destined to become one of the most powerful Walk-to-Earn tokens in the future, thereby transforming the global ecosystem. In the era of the Industrial Internet of Things, human laziness can be reduced by increasing physical fitness and paying people to work out.

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