Big Muddy Peddler Announces One Year Store-Aversary Bash In Harrisburg, IL.


De Soto, Illinois, June 2, 2022 – Big Muddy Peddler will celebrate CAHRL J’s Creations One Year Store-Aversary Bash by offering Coconut Soy wax candles which are Eco-safe and toxin free. The Coconut blend candles are the specialty of Big Muddy Peddler, which feature only candles that are an all-natural Coconut blended wax, vegan, and cruelty-free company dedicated to producing items that are better for both people and the environment, totally eliminating toxic ingredients.

Each of Big Muddy Peddler’s scented candles is curated to bring the best olfactory experiences for everyone, while making it easy to live an Eco-friendly, healthy lifestyle.

The Hand Poured Coconut Candles highlights are listed below:

— The candles are handcrafted with an uncompromised commitment to sustainability.

— The candles use natural plant essential oils and plastic-free sustainable materials.

— Coconut Soy wax carries fragrances better, making them perfect for aromatherapy.

— Coconut Soy wax candles burn for more than 50 hours.

— The candles double as home decors with their stylish reusable containers.

— All natural, high quality coconut soy wax blend formulated for an even burn.

— Slow burning, flat, natural cotton core wick.

— Free of phthalates and paraffin’s.

— Room-filling, long-lasting fragrances.

“People want to live much healthier lifestyles and you see that happening everywhere now, especially in food and exercise trends,” said Vicki Harger, Founder of Big Muddy Peddler. “But it’s surprising that people still use candle products that are harmful to their health. So many candles offered on the market today, even with big-name brands to small businesses, are made of paraffin wax, which is a petroleum waste product.”

“These waxes and fragrances used in candle-making often contain toxins, like phthalates and parabens. Usually, because they have no idea of the risk. It is shocking, but people are still burning candles with carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins, and organ toxins in their homes.” said Vicki.

Vicki continued “We knew we could handcraft something better, so the wax used in our candle-making process is not only a clean and pure coconut blended soy, but also sustainable and biodegradable. And the most impressive part: it has a strong, robust scent that lasts and is great for aromatherapy.”

About Big Muddy Peddler

Handmade in the Southern Illinois sunshine, Big Muddy Peddler is an online store featuring handcrafted and personalized fragrant coconut soy candles infused with good vibes and gratitude. All candles are made in small batches with toxin-free coconut/soy wax and the highest quality non-toxic fragrance oil blends. Learn more about at Big Muddy Peddler at Follow Big Muddy Peddler on Facebook at

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