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Brooklyn & Bronx residents who have been injured in a car accident maybe wondering how to pay for their medical bills and other damages. Brooklynites and other New Yorkers who are looking to get money to help recover from their injuries should consider filing a personal injury claim with a reputable personal injury attorney that services the borough of Brooklyn as well as ideally all of New York City.

The law firm of Silberstein Awad & Miklos has represented thousands of New Yorkers and helped them get the money that they needed to take care of injuries and therapy and begin to pick up the pieces of their lives and get as close to normal as possible after a traumatic accident, like a car crash or a slip-and-fall injury or medical malpractice. They can be reached by remembering to “Ask for SAM,” either at their website , or by calling them toll free at 877-ASK4SAM.

Many people who are injured in accidents understand that they don’t know the law, and they don’t know how to best represent themselves. Unfortunately, most people are very uncertain about hiring an attorney because they’ve often been told that it’s very expensive. The benefit of hiring a Brooklyn injury attorney like Silberstein, Awad, & Miklos, is that not only do they provide a free consultation, but every case they take is a contingency fee case which means the client they represent never has to pay anything unless they secure monetary compensation in the form of a successful lawsuit or settlement and then it’s simply subtracted as a percentage of the win, which can often be substantially generous. It is not uncommon for injury cases to settle or get judgments that are worth multiple millions of dollars.

The subsequent question many people have is how they can figure out which personal injury law firm in New York City is the best. This of course is a somewhat subjective decision, but there are certain criteria that injured Brooklynites can use to determine whether a particular law firm is more or less trustworthy. ASK4SAM has received hundreds of reviews across their multiple different Google Business locations, and nearly every single review is a glowing five-star review of their personal injury firm, like this review:

“After a very intense accident, Silberstein Awad and Miklos guided me through an anxious and stressful time. They provided plenty of information and communicated clearly and precisely. I give 5 stars for their client focused approach and would recommend this team to anyone who needs it! I am very grateful!” (

There are a number of injuries that can occur after a car crash in New York City. Broken bones, hip fractures, soft tissue injury, spinal and back injuries and more. Each one of these can be devastating to the person who suffers from them both in the short term due to the pain and also in the long-term due to potentially lifelong changes to schedule and routine, visits to physical and occupational therapy, and more. These are the types of expenses, along with lost wages either short-term or indefinitely, that a personal injury attorney who specializes in helping residents of Brooklyn New York and the surrounding boroughs can help secure.

Silberstein, Awad, and Miklos has recently begun an informative podcast that can be heard on all podcast repositories, including Apple & Spotify

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