The recently announced webinar masterclass, titled “Getting It Right from The Start: Bringing Innovation to Services Procurement,” will feature a panel of industry experts who will provide attendees with actionable insights they can implement to optimize their SOW processes.

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At present, SOW-based services represent more than 40 percent of a company’s workforce spending, yet they are often cost-clumsy and imprecise. The new masterclass hosted by Defiant Solutions’ principal Bryan Pena will focus on redefining cost-effective, efficient SOWs to help organizations develop services procurement strategies delivering better results.

The amount of manual effort that goes into sourcing SOW-based services doesn’t always produce the best or most profitable solutions. Examples of common issues include misalignments of SOW word templates with suppliers, manual digitization in the VMS system, and limited transparency on milestone spending efficiencies.

Many of today’s SOW programs have not kept up with the evolution in work processes that have occurred over the last decade, leading to increased internal company frustrations and stakeholders angered by the high cost and low quality they are experiencing.

Niklas Lieb, Managing Director of Vicoland (a portmanteau that combines “virtual” and “companies”), and Vicoland VP of Strategic Partnerships David Obadia will head up a panel of industry experts that include Amber Roth, VP of Global Presales & Strategy at SAP Fieldglass and Alejandro Builes, VP of Product Development Services Procurement at Kelly. They will discuss the keys to successful SOW innovation as part of the one-day event.

The webinar will begin with a 15-minute networking component where participants can converse one-on-one. The masterclass topics include “Why are most service procurement initiatives failing and what can you do to avoid this fate?” “How a properly deployed SOW technology revolutionizes your services procurement strategy,” and “The Human Cloud – How it is a key to the success of your SOW.”

Attendees can also interact with recognized SMEs to discuss their most pressing SOW challenges.

With the masterclass webinar scheduled to go live on June 22, 2022, event organizer Defiant Solutions is encouraging those struggling with inefficient SOW technologies to register for “Getting It Right from The Start: Bringing Innovation to Services Procurement” to learn about today’s most efficient opportunities.

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