Lunagens emerges as a new project on Binance Smart Chain.


Lunagens is a newly established crypto platform developed for people who are tired of getting rugged or scammed. It is developed on Binance Smart Chain and works as a community-driven project.

United States, 4th Jun 2022, King NewsWire, Lunagens is a newly launched crypto platform in the industry developed on the Binance Smart chain. The project is the ultimate solution to being rugged and scammed continuously. Lunagens is here to change all and provide transparent and secure services to exit the crypto industry. The exclusive platform LunaGens was created with a group of friends that loves crypto and is willing to do what it takes to help all the projects that will get involved with succeed. The experts decided it was time to create their token and call it “Home.”

Furthermore, Lunagens functions as a community-driven token that will come with a highly connected Dream Team. The crew members of Lunagens will always keep their community first and will be very transparent, honest, and have high integrity in this project. 

In addition to that, the project will be initially considered a Degen Project, but the company will keep adding to the respective project on the fly based on what they and the community sees fit. Crypto enthusiasts will see value in them because they will continue to add an unlimited number of utilities to keep holders on their toes. The founders of Lunagens can make it all work, and they are determined to take it to the moon together with the community.

The tokenomics of Lunagens goes as follows:

  • Liquidity: 3%
  • BUSD Rewards: 5%
  • Marketing: 4%

Lunagens token is also available now to swap and can be purchased on MetaMask and Wallet Connect through Binance Smart Chain. Lunagens is all set to collaborate with CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and DoKen in the future.

Lunagens is the token developed for the people. The visions of Lunagens vision are to create a smart blockchain ecosystem that accommodates both developers and investors. Here people can visit all their utilities by navigating using the boxes below to explore all their utilities. 

Moreover, Techrate was commissioned by LunaGens of the blockchain contract to perform the Smart Contract FREE quick security check and passed the first four security issue checks out of 20 potentials. However, the smart contract could contain SECURITY ISSUES in the part that is not limited, and other smart contracts related to the project.

Intending users must visit a website for further updates and join the Telegram or Twitter to connect with the community.

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