Morteza Ataei

Due to the presence of the champions in this competition, Morteza Ataei was invited to participate in this competition and give an interview.

During this interview, he was asked questions …

He stated that he has suffered a lot in his personal and sports life and has done everything to achieve his desire.

He spent his adolescence working, studying and exercising.

In many competitions, they ate his right, and in some competitions, they did not even reject his name.

He said that he had no support in sports, but now he wants to conquer the peaks of the world and give a new color and smell to his life.

“I promise to get my due in wrestling,” he said.

What is your favorite pastime?


Your favorite food? Fish feed
If you go back in time, would you still choose the ship? Yes sure

What are you doing right now? Wrestling and teaching at school

Who is your favorite athlete? Mike Tyson

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