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Earlier today, Celerity IS, Inc., an accredited Adobe partner, published a post on its website that outlines its Adobe Marketing Cloud services. Adobe Campaign is the only conversational marketing technology that can truly empower organizations to begin–and more importantly, sustain–one-to-one customer dialogues. Through the use of first-class email, mobile, and inbound-outbound channel fusion capabilities, Adobe Campaign can automate the creation and execution of mobile, social, email, and offline campaigns. This technology is driven by an intelligent, decision-based engine, which has visionary technology that enables marketers to achieve measurable results in a record time.

Adobe Campaign’s integrated customer profile also helps marketers unify data from both offline and online sources in order to build a complete customer view. Marketers can now see the whole picture to create truly personalized marketing messages at scale. Marketing automation solutions also allow marketers to move away from labor-intensive and time-consuming manual processes and improve marketing efficiency and productivity while delivering better customer experiences.

Adobe Campaign seamlessly integrates with other tools in Adobe Marketing Cloud, including Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Target, as well as other technologies within the Adobe Experience Cloud (such as Adobe Analytics) to deliver personalized, cross-channel, real-time marketing campaigns. This powerful marketing platform ensures the right data is always at your fingertips, and that personalized communication via any channel is delivered at the optimum time.

Celerity IS, Inc. was a founding partner to Neolane in 2008 and their shared desire to continuously adapt to the requirements of their clients and their customers drove breakthroughs in system integration and multi-channel campaign management capabilities. Together, Celerity and Neolane have helped their clients dramatically improve the speed, relevance, and profitability of their campaigns.

Its great relationship with Neolane–along with expert training, a record number of successful implementations, and continued support–led Celerity to become the UK’s first Neolane gold partner in 2010. They continued to support the company through Adobe’s acquisition and integration as Adobe Campaign, sitting within the world-renowned Adobe Marketing Cloud.

To find out more about this Adobe product and/or discuss any marketing challenges with one of Celerity IS, Inc. Adobe certified experts, arrange a consultation with the form on the website at the following URL: https://www.celerity-is.com/

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