San Francisco, California Jun 6, 2022 ( – Over the last 25 years, Earthdance Global has brought together thousands of people to “Laugh, Sing, Dance” and remember that: WE are ONE.

Now, we’re proud to announce our limited edition line of t-shirts. Say how you feel about world peace and get yourself a t-shirt online at:

Other Earthdance Happenings:

Earthdance Re-Evolution Festival: Join us in Veneta, Oregon for a weekend festival June 16-19. The venue is nestled in over 200 acres; with cabins, yurts, a beautiful mainstage, landscaped forested pathways, late-night areas, and more! Tickets are available at:

“We need a community like we need air to breathe. There are magnetic forces that pull us together. Out of eight billion people, we find each other at events like Earthdance. We are evoluting,” said Grif Griffis of Earthdance Global.

Music: To celebrate our 25th year of producing transformative, conscious festivals worldwide, Earthdance is celebrating its anniversary with a music compilation by Muti Music. The compilation can be downloaded or streamed on several music services. Here is the link:

Deep Green Genetics: Earthdance also powers Deep Green Genetics (DGG) DGG is a collaboration network of multi-generation craft cannabis farmers and breeders from all over the world. It offers the global community some of the world’s best heritage craft cannabis genetics available. Additionally, it offers monthly specials on heritage Cannabis seeds. Go to to get 25 percent off seeds with code: “EDDG420”

Stay in Touch: We love to see the Earthdance tribe. Please tag us on social media @Earthdanceglobal and join us in Veneta, Oregon for the June 17-19 event. For more information on Earthdance, go to


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