An Industrial and Organizational Psychology Consultant Dr. Thomas Tsikai


Mental health has been consistently overlooked throughout the time. So, we can call ourselves lucky that we live in a modern era where mental health is being recognized – thanks to professional psychologists such as Dr. Thomas Tsikai. He focuses on Industrial and organizational Psychology consulting and is also a founder of Orgzone Consulting Group, which provides many services such as Psychometrics or Couching.

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Orgzone Consulting Group is innovative, vibrant, and consistent in the provision of services with many remarkable employees with tons of experience. The services you can seek from them are Psycho-legal Assessments (compiling psycho-legal reports for all personal injury, medical negligence, etc.); Organizational Development (facilitating changes in your organization through a holistic and humanistic approach); Coaching (mainly focused on employees that can lead to higher performance, etc.) and Psychometrics (measuring the employee’s mental abilities, skill, intelligence, personality traits and motivations).

Even though Orgzone Consulting Group is based in South Africa, their services will be still available to you even if you are from a different country. Dr. Thomas Tsikai is providing his group’s services online as well.

The main motto that Dr. Thomas Tsikai follows is that Attitude is as important as Talent. Where talent falls short, attitude will carry you over. That is definitely something that could help you in the future. Their open-minded approach with years of experience and a massive passion for psychology will finally help you make the next step in your life!

Another interesting aspect of this group is their main focus on industrial psychology, which was ignited in Dr. Thomas Tsikai many years ago thanks to his passion for business and people. He upholds an Afrocentric approach in psychology that is rich in contextual value, whilst gravitating towards global trends in the world of work.

If you feel scared or unmotivated, or you are just seeking help with your business, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Thomas Tsikai and his team of experts to make this journey started!

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Orgzone Consulting Group

134 Bronkhorst Street, Brooklyn, Pretoria

South Africa

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