Bonk Inu is a Binance Smart Chain token brought up by the combination of memes, crypto, and a variety of developments to bring laughs, fun & money to the moon for the investors


The aim is to incorporate Auto-Compounding & Auto-Staking features to bring a new future of utility with a bright community. The team envisions a future of varied utility through the power of fun interactive dApps for investors with combined utility & gaming needs. Bringing the Decentralized Application and NFT inclusive daily Whack-a-Bonk! Game, Bonk Swap, Bonkverse, as well as Dashboard with a multitude of utilities, soon including an NFT marketplace and many more!

Bonk Inu is currently undergoing a HEAVY revamp overhaul of all it’ s art, designs, consistencies, produces & more henceforth. With ongoing 3D Ventures, the team has developed further as a GameFi product and have scaled Bonk Inu into an even greater project dedicated to becoming an established cryptocurrency on the Binance Smart Chain.

Bonk Inu is closing on its launch soon with the expected Pinksale Presale coming up over the next few days. Bonk Inu is proven legit with KYC by Pinksale as well Audit(s) underway.

Whack-a-Bonk Game:

The Whack-a-Bonk! Game is an P2E (Play To Earn) NFT-dApp that allows holders with a minimum of 0.1BNB of $BONK for a chance to win their very own NFT 3D Bonk, every 24 hours! The game lasts for 30 seconds and users can only win an NFT ONCE a day, however, verified users with 0.1BNB of $BONK Ownership can play whenever they want!

3D Bonk NFTs:

3D Bonks are the first collection introduced into the Bonkverse, winnable through the Play to Earn dApp, Whack-a-Bonk! and the collection utilizes two NFT design sets; the Base Character & Item Set. The Item Set is a rare standalone collection incorporated into the 3D Bonks, However, these are extremely rare and have a low drop rate.

Within the Whack-a-Bonk! dApp, home to where you can win a 3D Bonk, if you manage to hit the minimum score & win you’ll be allowed to mint, for free, one of the collection pieces. This opportunity will be presented everyday to $BONK Holders.


The Bonkverse is the representative of the entire Bonk Inu collective, it’s the heart of the operation, the endgame goal. Bonkverse is a reality designed to bridge cryptocurrency, memes & technology all into one collective hyper-reality space. With 360 VR Bonk Worlds, NFTs as well as Decentralized Gaming Applications within the Bonk Arcade such as Whack-a-Bonk! and more, Bonk Inu has developed a serious high-profile case for its presale & launch.


The Bonk Inu dashboard was crafted and designed specifically with the intent to ensure that holding $BONK provides as optimal of an experience as possible. Currently, the dashboard is equipped with 8 distinct features, with more coming soon.

This includes, but is not limited to: Buy Crypto With Fiat, Crosschain/Bridge, Token Swap, Multichart, Homepage as well as the Documentation & Staking Calculator, the first addition of the 3-Part Staking Dashboard set to release soon. Additionally, Rug Screener as well as Wallet Overview, Portfolio and more are being worked on in the workshop for future deliveries.

Bonk Safeguard Fund:

BSF is the acronym for the Bonk Safeguard Fund which is a separate wallet within the Bonk Auto-Staking Protocol (BASP). The BSF uses an algorithm that backs the Rebase Rewards and is supported by a portion of the buy and sell trading fees that accrue in the BSF wallet. In layman’s terms, the staking rewards (rebase rewards), which are distributed every 15 minutes, are backed by the BSF parameter. Thus ensuring a consistently high & stable interest rate for the $BONK Holders. 2% of all trading fees are stored in the Bonk Safeguard Fund which helps sustain and back the staking rewards created by the positive rebase.

The Treasury:

The Treasury is of vital importance to the Bonk Auto-Staking Protocol, its primary function is to provide the sustainability and growth of Bonk Inu. The Treasury utilizes 4% of BUYS & SELLS to accumulate the appropriate funds for the Bonk Inu Protocol. The Treasury will be used to further fund Bonk Inu products, services and projects as well as serving further funding for marketing avenues, ultimately establishing more value to the Bonk Inu community.

Bonk Buyback System:

The Bonk Buyback System (BBS) is where 2% of all $BONK fees collected from trading are sent. The BBS is responsible for mitigating downside risk within Bonk. By utilizing 2% of all transaction fees $BONK can gradually buyback the lows & allow for a sustainable price. The Bonk Buyback System will be fully utilized to buyback lows & support price stability long-term, by utilizing this system $BONK can remove a higher risk of price fall offs as well as ensure the protection of investors.


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