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United Kingdom — The crypto market has quickly gained popularity as a viable investment option. However, the well documented impressive returns are often followed by drastic crashes. Bitcoin is currently facing its longest slump since August 2011 – a fall of 2.4 per cent. The crash of stable cryptocurrency Terra USD and its sister coin Luna, whose prices fell earlier this month, put the cryptocurrency world into a tailspin. Extreme price volatility in cryptocurrencies is nothing new. However, because Terra USD also is a stable coin, investors were taken aback by the abrupt decline in its price.

Growing numbers of people want to invest in cryptocurrency but are confused how to do so without risking their money because high volatility of cryptocurrency has left many people penniless. ScatterVault offers holders an affordable and accessible option to invest in cryptocurrency.

Jacky Xu, Chief Operating Officer of ScatterVault comments: “All too often we hear stories or read articles about people making life changing sums of money by investing in crypto – Dogecoin, Shiba, Bitcoin and Luna have all been hailed as the go-to currency to invest in. Recent reports have shown this unfortunately isn’t the case.”

Concerns about crypto investing have been expressed in the wake of the Luna crypto crisis. After millions of dollars were lost and thousands of investors were left bankrupt despite the stable coin’s purported security, Luna was heralded as a “golden investment that promised obscenely high returns. Investing in crypto doesn’t have to be like gambling.

Mr Xu continues “Using a platform like ScatterVault can help new and established investors and holders better protect their money. Instead of investing in one or two currencies. The platform spread’s their investment across the top 100 cryptocurrencies decreasing the volatility and increasing overall returns”

“Crypto100 helps you buy and own the top 100 crypto tokens in under 5 minutes!”

ScatterVault is the platform which provides its users the best opportunity to invest in the top 100 crypto coins in a very simple, easy, and hassle-free way.

ScatterVault trust holders and invertor contribute in the USTD for the best results and market leading profits there is always a team of expert who closely monitor the market trends and forecast the top100 crypto coins and invest in those coins leads to generate maximum profits. Their previous portfolio and feedback from the investors show the best forecasting in the crypto market all information is available on ScatterVault website.

Since January 2022 crypto market has been going down and crashing in contrary investment in crypto through ScatterVault Crypto100 coins going high yields.

Investing with ScatterVault in crypto100 coins are very easy and accessible investors can register with as low as 100 USTD without having any high risk and without any lock, investor can withdraw their USTD at any time. There is a fast deposit process Fast KYC and Faster Deposits.

Investor just need to follow four east steps to become the member of ScatterVault,

  1. Register Account
  2. Select Plan
  3. Deposit fund 
  4. Enjoy Profits
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