Gala spearheads new era of Web3 entertainment with launch of Gala Film


    Santa Clara, California Jun 11, 2022 ( –

  • Gala Games, the successful blockchain gaming company, joins Gala Music and the newly announced Gala Film under the overarching brand name of Gala
  • The move unifies the three brands which share the same vision of leveraging Web3 to enrich entertainment experiences
  • Gala Film provides a full range of immersive entertainment powered by blockchain technology. The new platform offers fans a unique level of involvement and participation with their favourite studios and upcoming films

Gala, the successful blockchain gaming and music platform, has announced the launch of Gala Film. The new platform continues the brand’s commitment to providing fans with unique opportunities to enrich their experiences with levels of involvement only possible through Web3.

Unveiled this week in Malta at ‘Into The Galaverse’, the core benefit of Gala Film is its ability to offer fans a true sense of ownership in the content they love. The platform opens up possibilities such as voting on script choices or casting, allowing fans to actively participate in the content they consume from their favourite IPs and talent. Gala Film not only serves great experiences to fans, but also gives creative licence back to filmmakers and creatives by offering a route of support while removing the middleman, allowing them to distribute directly to fans.

By adding film alongside its existing music and games platforms, Gala is also able to offer an interoperable ecosystem where fans can benefit from crossover content. For example, by giving fans ownership of content in films, they may also benefit from involvement in the film’s soundtrack, or an accompanying game based on the film.

The blockchain technology that powers Gala Film is largely invisible, creating a frictionless experience that allows film fans and NFT enthusiasts to enjoy their experience whether they consider themselves blockchain pros or not. Gala Film’s ‘Watch and Earn’ model sits in the same ecosystem as Gala Music’s ‘Listen to Earn’ and Gala Games’ ‘Play and Earn’, offering fans ways to own content as NFTs and earn rewards from their ownership.

Sarah Buxton, COO of Gala, said: “The launch of Gala Film marks the beginning of a new era in Web3 entertainment, led by Gala. Our combined Ecosystem offers exceptional involvement and access to Gala launches, with fans able to enjoy new experiences under one Web3-powered banner. We are committed to delivering fan-first entertainment, where technology is used to improve fan experiences without ever becoming a barrier to entry or enjoyment.”

The announcement came as part of Into the Galaverse, an action-packed event taking place on 6th-8th June in Malta, offering the inside track on the latest news from Gala, across music, film, and gaming. The Gala Film announcement comes on the tail of the unveiling of the master Gala brand as a unifying vision for all three Web3 entertainment properties.

As part of the Gala Films announcement, the entertainment brand announced several upcoming projects and partnerships, including:

A partnership with Ai&Aiko, one of the most popular GIF lines in history with over 40 billion views. This will see Peter Draw’s simplistic and charming visual storytelling brought to life through the Gala Films platform

  • ‘Making the Chronic’ – a series of 16 short films where Snoop Dogg narrates each of the tracks on his album released through Gala Music, with four of these shown at the event
  • A partnership with Battle Island in the production of their animated series ‘Ghosts of Ruin,’ partially screened as a sneak preview during the Gala Film unveiling
  • VOX feature film: The film will be followed by a mini-series designed to be family-friendly and fun, helping viewers navigate through life and the Web3 world. Adam Pava, screenwriter for Oscar nominated animated feature The Boxtrolls, who has also worked on the LEGO Movie, was confirmed as screenwriter for the film. Of working becoming part of the team, Adam said: “It’s been so fun working with Gala Games and Blue Eyes Entertainment and being part of this exciting opportunity. Just like I’ve done with past films we’ve brought lots of disparate elements together, that’s what is amazing about the Gala Games ecosystem. We have an opportunity to take different realms, games, and types of characters and find a way to connect them all. It really is a huge sandbox to write a movie in.”

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About Gala
Gala is a world-leading Web3 entertainment company that uses blockchain technology to power digital ownership and reward economies, creating a revolutionary new way of building and consuming entertainment. Launched in 2019 with Gala Games, Gala is the parent company to Gala Games, Gala Music, and Gala Film. The vision brings all three brands together in the shared pursuit of offering fans unique and immersive experiences powered by Web3. Gala also gives creative licence back to content creators and emerging talent with a direct route to fans and the ability to offer genuine involvement in new projects. For more information, visit:





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