Atlanta, GA: Tabbaa Law – Personal Injury Attorney will be the head judge for a high school debate dubbed the Muslim Interscholastic Tournament, which will be held at the Kennesaw State University. The Atlanta-based attorney will be judging the high school students based on their performance, creativity in arguments, rebuttals, demeanor, and other criteria.

Besides the tournament creating an environment for the students to think creatively and critically, the participating students will get a chance to connect with Tabbaa Law – Personal Injury Attorney. Thanks to the platform, they will get career guidance, particularly in the field of law and other related career paths.

In addition to the firm’s contribution to nurturing future lawyers, it represents personal injury victims in Atlanta. One of the services is representing clients involved in DUI accidents, which are common throughout Georgia. Regardless of the case details, the firm offers personalized legal services, from assisting the client in documenting injuries and filing the case to aggressively fighting for them and representing the client in settlements or before a judge.

Besides, the law firm offers legal representation to victims of Uber and Lyft accidents. Whether the client had requested a taxi ride or they got crashed by a car “on duty,” accidents involving Uber or Lyft may be intricate to follow due to policy issues between individuals and rideshare companies. The Tabbaa Law – Personal Injury Attorney assists the client in navigating the complexities and dealing with the at-fault party on the client’s behalf.

Tabbaa Law – Personal Injury Attorney also represents car accident victims to get the rightful compensation for pain and suffering, medical costs, and missed work. The team assists the clients in navigating the legal processes, documentation, and evaluation of the available evidence. In case of new developments, the personal injury attorney offers advisory services, ensuring the client fully understands the possible outcomes. Other related practice areas include representing clients involved in motorcycle, truck, and bicycle accidents.

In addition to representing clients in personal injury claims, it offers other services to enable its clients to focus on well-being and health after an accident. Its premier services include connecting clients with rental car services, pre-settlement loans, car repair services, and doctors (considering they may still need medical attention). Thanks to the firm taking care of the hassle that comes after the accident in an attempt to get life back, clients can focus on the important things as they wait for settlement.

Tabbaa Law – Personal Injury Attorney is located at 1201 West Peachtree Street NW Ste 2310, Atlanta, GA, 30309, US. Clients interested in the personal injury lawyer’s services can contact the team at (770) 370-7881. Visit the law firm’s website for more information.

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