Art Speaks NFT: Powered by an Expert Team from Three Corners of the World – DEBB Art Launches New NFT Project.


Certain to ignite excitement among all, Art Speaks NFT is a community-driven project building a trichotomy of power that includes a community of art enthusiasts, Investors, and Artists.

DEBB Art has launched a new NFT project: Art Speaks NFT. The initiative is to build a platform for Artists and Art Galleries to obtain authentic and certified Artwork with benefits for Art connoisseurs, Investors, and Businesses. The large-scale 5 phase project has over 900 collections. Minting starts June 30, 2022, initial collection of Art Speaks NFT; ASN will be priced at 0.5 Ethereum, which has been predicted to increase exponentially. “As an artist and also the Directors of the Art Treasury,  art is the most important thing for me. We’ve created a community of art enthusiasts, investors, and artists. In this unique first-of-its-kind ART SPEAKS NFT platform, where art are no longer pieces within the digital NFT warehouse. Not only we kept the art, Art Speaks NFT project actually formed a space where digital (NFT) supporting the art”, says Bissirat Faloppa and Artist and Co-founder and Art Treasury Director of DEBB ART.  

The rush of headlines around NFTs and the technology’s rapid acceptance in many facets of our life has caused some to wonder what an NFT is. NFTs and other blockchain-based technologies are changing how the world’s financial sectors function, although some features of the technology are challenging to understand. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, which indicates it is one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable. The Art-themed NFT project by DEBB Art intends to be one of the main contributors in the NFT field, with a team from three continents combining forces, it provides a platform where undiscovered artistic ability meets the high-tech industry. The project aims to build a community of art enthusiasts, investors, and artists. 

Financial security has been redefined over time in terms of comprehension and relevance. Given how Covid-19 wreaked havoc on many small firms, Generation Z places a far higher value on financial stability than Baby Boomers. Given the growing cost of commodities yearly, a passive income is now required. Generation Z is getting more interested in earning a passive income due to the numerous platforms accessible today. Art Speaks NFT is an innovative project providing people with a steady stream of passive income. Holders of Art Speak NFT will earn passive income through Art’s copy-right commercial activity, which is powered by the DEBB Art Commercial Activity platform. The longer an NFT is held, the more chance of increased profits.

Similarly, Artists will have a chance to share their Art and get each locked as an NFT with DEBB Art. It is a straightforward and convenient way for artists to receive a share of profit as DEBB Art will commercialize the Arts Speaks NFT. The owner and holder of the NFT will be given the choice of commercializing their NFTs. It is a guaranteed, safe, secure way to earn long-term passive income. One of the other project coming up on DEBB platform is the Defi game that allows Art Speaks collection NFT to be able to deposit them for a Defy gaming return.   

Demsas Faloppa, DEBB Art’s Co-founder and CEO, shared regarding the project: ‘one of our first projects is the “Art Speaks NFT – ASNft”, it will give birth to the unstoppable phenomenon of the ever-growing supply of creative works and their demand. Art Speaks NFT will build its brand through real-world partnerships and digital utilities that benefit the community. By combining the interest of both asset holders and artists, making them partners by providing a platform to connect, and making profits by commercializing, we maintain long term holding of the Art.We will also have a surprise DEBB project airdrop for the first ASNft comminuty.’ The project is powered by energetic savvy individuals who understand the world of decentralized finance and are artists themselves; the team further added: ‘We aim to honor artists and protect their royalties through this initiative. Artists will receive a share of all the future profits made.’

Art Speaks NFT (AS-NFT) a DEBB project, was founded by   Demsas Faloppa (CEO), Ben Mayer (COO), Bissirat Faloppa (Art Treasury Director), Eran  Menachemi (Advisor/Marketing).

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