Singapore, Singapore Jun 14, 2022 ( – Mecha Infinity aired a live discussion with Miss Bianca Tan CEO of Neuto Game Guild on discord this June 9. The hosts led Miss Jenn Diaz with amazing Icebreaker introductions of Miss Bianca as a Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts and a game streamer and supported other gamers also. As kind-hearted as she is, Miss Bianca became interested in this NFT game project called Mecha Infinity. While the NFT games were booming around the world Mecha Infinity devoted 6% of their earnings to building a charity program that Miss Bianca became interested in. She said, “Me and my mom helped our neighbors during the pandemic, we had also organized charity programs for dogs and cats”. Miss Bianca will lead a scholarship program for the future Mecha infinity players.

As Mr. Deniss Warren introduced, He explains and answers the questions by discord participants. He elaborated that play to charity works 6% of the total allocated supply of earnings will be donated to charity programs. Governance and secondary token will be gained by playing PVE, PVP, and rank match. You can check the whitepaper of Mecha Infinity for all the information about the upcoming game. He answers the questions precisely and is Informative.

It is astounding that the future of this game is a long-term approach because the developers, partnerships, and investors have a goal of Innovation throughout the time by developing more updates for the game to be better. The Mecha infinity will offer resolutions to the different shortcomings of the other NFT games. The event ended with the acknowledgment and ending statements by Jenn Diaz.

About Mecha Infinity

Mecha infinity is a play-to-earn, and NFT-GameFi ecosystem based on the Polygon chain development. Mecha Infinity is a world full of infinite possibilities and explorations. Players can control cute little Mechas to conduct various adventures, compete freely, and rank match competitive!

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