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Paola Montanaro is an Italian therapist and counselor that is currently working from New Zealand to help her customers deal with their specific needs and hardships such as past traumas, depression, anxiety, or self-harm. She offers not only therapy and counselling but also supervision for professionals where she focuses on engagement and the needs to enhance the self-reflection, skills, and knowledge.

What makes Paola Montanaro stand out from the competition is definitely her wide range of meaningful experiences that she acquired during the 15 years in this industry. Paola had been working with a vast range of clients, ranging from children to elders. She also tried many contexts in this field such as child protection, psychiatry private practices, public mental health services, family and couples therapy.

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Paola tried different paths in her career, but she also managed to practice her skills and knowledge in many countries – Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. This kind of experience had given Paola the advantage of an in-depth understanding of many cultures, which influence almost every client. That also gave her the ability to communicate with clients in their mother language.

Since Paola Montanaro has a gift for languages, she also managed to get a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology in Italy that was later recognized in New Zealand. Her passion for animals (mainly dolphins and whales) inspired her to get trained in animal-assisted therapy, which is also one of her services. The benefit of the presence of animals simply could not be overlooked by Paola.

If you are still not convinced to give Paola a chance even after her amazing experiences, and qualities, maybe her approach and long-lasting fascination with the way the human mind works will help you make up your mind. Paola Montanaro is a perfect combination of specific training and experiences, who always does her best to find the right journey that will suit your needs and help you tackle your problems.

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