Singapore, 14th Jun 2022, King NewsWire, Forces of the digital age will soon sweep in our life; it can transform the world from physical state to metaverse Planet Alliance is an immersive 3d spacetime based on the concept of metaverse.  It is the first project integrating planets into Blockchain, NFT and Metaverse mechanism around the world. 

Top giants in the industry including SERU Innovations, Kubotek 3D, Hubble Space telescope provide technical support and the great idea of virtual freedom helps integrate all roles and activate the efficiency Planet Alliance took the lead in using GPU  3d modelling and HD graphics technology to create a new and interesting Metaverse belong to generation z.  By restoring the real universe and creating a permanent multiplayer interactive space that spans, both the virtual and the real world all players can have a personalized planet in the planet alliance and build their own civilization.  With the aid of the partnership, they can build a community. 

Each planet will be named after they pass the application according to rules of the International Astronomical Union or IAU, and they will receive related certificates different from traditional social models.  Planet Alliance will rely on interactive sensing technology to achieve technological breakthroughs in visual auditory and interactive aspects.  All variables are slowly formed and the door between the virtual world and the real world has been gradually opened.  Planet Alliance will be a Noah’s Ark in transition between the two worlds, and it will upload virtual identities to Metaverse. Compared to traditional social communication tools and platforms, Planet Alliance will build more three-dimensional 3d virtual interactive. Experience players can work together with other players to form a DAO alliance to create guilds and gain more entertainment experience. Players may be the creator founder or participant in this parallel universe of human society built by digital technology.  However, in metaverse you represent your digital identity, with novel social ways unique social concepts and both profitability and playability, Planet Alliance reshapes the economy and society, and it will lead Generation Z into a new social landscape and open the magical journey of social Metaverse.




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