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Created by happiness blogger Cate Vissel, the new 30 Days To A Happier Life Challenge is ideally suited to people with an interest in personal development. Featuring research-backed happiness hacks, the program helps participants feel more confident, optimistic and empowered.

More details can be found by visiting https://acupfulofhappy.com/30-days-challenge

During the newly updated challenge, Vissel’s followers will receive daily inspirational emails that include practical lessons on developing a positive mental attitude. As well as receiving tips for improving their outlook on life, each participant will learn how to navigate daily challenges and manage stress.

In addition, the daily emails include advice on how users can optimize productivity, set goals, and get clarity on their passions and priorities. They are shown how to find lasting happiness in the present moment, instead of looking to other people or material possessions for contentment.

To transform their mindset, Vissel encourages participants to look inside themselves to identify subconscious limiting beliefs and examine how they can replace these with more empowering thoughts.

Over the 30 days, participants will document their progress in the Happiness Challenge journal – a templated digital notebook that includes space for affirmations, gratitude lists, and practical assignments. By the end of the program, challengers should notice they feel significantly happier and are able to maintain a positive mental attitude even on difficult days.

Explaining how the challenge works, Vissel says, “People often look outside of themselves to find happiness, but happiness comes from within. I’ve created a simple process to living a happier life that can be used by anyone who wants to change where they are now into a new, happier place in 30 days or less. During the next 30 days, you will take small actions and make small changes that will add up, resulting in an improved mood and outlook on life.”

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A Cupful Of Happy is a happiness and positivity blog that includes tried and tested advice on living life with more joy. The platform includes self-improvement advice and personal development guides.

To learn more about the challenge and to receive a complimentary guide, visit https://acupfulofhappy.com/free-guide and the URL above.

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