Mike Tetreault’s The Tate Team Is Changing the Real Estate Industry.


The Tate Team is an independently owned real estate brokerage founded by Mike “Tate” Tetreault, currently operating throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Georgia, and Florida.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States, 16th Jun 2022, King NewsWire, The Tate Team is a new real estate brokerage founded recently in June 2021. It is a virtual company with no physical office, led by an outspoken broker who is only 30 years old named Mike “Tate” Tetreault. The Tate Team is finding new ways to be successful by injecting youth, diversity, technology, and personality into an otherwise very dated and traditional business model. 

The Tate Team provides extraordinary value and goes above and beyond for all their clients. By not being a national franchise, they have no restrictions and have free reign to do whatever is necessary to ensure their client’s success.

Asked about what makes him different from the established brokerage franchises of the world, he responded with many thought-provoking questions: 

“Why can’t I be the leader of a new era? Every day, I’m changing the culture. I already have the youngest and most diverse brokerage in America in less than a year. That should speak volumes. Why aren’t other companies giving younger agents and people of different backgrounds more opportunities? It starts with the owners and brokers who are leading those other brokerages.” says Mike “Tate” Tetreault. 

A Massachusetts native who’s already expanded his brokerage into five states, he credits his upbringing with shaping his leadership skills and perseverance. 

“My upbringing taught me a lot. I was never the privileged kid who had rich parents, and everything handed to him. I’ve seen a lot of stuff and had to grow up fast. I learned hustle and work ethic, I learned to get creative and create my own opportunities. Most importantly though, my friends, the schools I went to, and the community I lived in were very diverse and I could always get along with anyone. When I got into real estate, I realized that wasn’t always the case and that I needed to do something about it.” says Mike “Tate” Tetreault. 

Furthermore, with a diverse roster of agents, all under the age of 45, he’s changing the identity of what a real estate brokerage looks like, all while making it fun for today’s generations. Mike has already been offered multiple acquisition deals to be bought out, but he’s refused them all because he considers that his journey has just begun.

Right now, he is entirely self-funded, and expanding quickly. According to him, the idea of what he builds threatens the old gatekeepers of real estate. He has become the voice of what’s next in real estate and established companies who’ve done things the traditional way don’t like that. 

Interested clients can check out Mike ‘Tate’ Tetreault’s brokerage and The Tate Team at www.thetateteam.com. Also, catch him on Instagram and Twitter.

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