The Future Woman Promotes Metaverse Sports


Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands The, 16th Jun 2022, King NewsWire, The CEO of the female-found, female-led digital innovation company comes up with the idea of Metaverse rollerskating. “Its fantastic hobby, it works your muscles, builds stamina, and burns calories. It also improves your mental health, and provides endless opportunity for fun, so why not to start skating in Metaverse?!” – says Maya Bernaia, the keen rollerskater herself. “You skate through the unique cityscapes of the prime megapolises of the world, you bridge between them, you bump into celebrities, you purchase amazing gear, bespoke apparel, you get access to the events, you jump into the lovely restos, you meet beautiful people, you reveal your talent, you perform and become successful”. Maya, who is the author of the gaming concept “perform2earn” and the head of “The Metarollers” game and NFT development international team, always had strong anticipation of innovation and freedom. “Isn’t it funny, – she is giggling, – I loved to come to the school with my skates and roll around, and they always prohibited and shouted at me and even sent me home. But why? Does skating prevent you from learning?” Maya and the team offer to the world to extend the rollerskating activity to the Metaverse space. “It’s incredible how wonderfully you can achieve what you want and what you like to be in today’s Web3 environment. Yesterday we could not even dream about this. It brings equal opportunities for everybody and total freedom”.

Maya Bernaia, the self-made entrepreneur woman, recently has become very active in Web3 and has introduced innovative approach to learning, investment, art assessment and now to sports. “Hobbies, playing, good time is good for our brain, helps to earn too, which makes it even better”, – Maya twitted recently.  

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Phone: +31 6 25 16 06 19

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