Gamified Habit/Goal Tracking App For Children-EQ Soft Skills Builder To Launch


More than 20% of US adults have experienced some type of mental illness in 2020, with a growing number of children being diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, depression or other conditions. Recognizing a need for high-quality educational resources that promote family mental health, curaJOY introduces a fun and interactive science-based program called Quest Depot that tracks habits and everyday goals.

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The new app achieves this through gamification. Goals are no longer just goals but “quests” that can be rewarded with gifts. Children especially benefit from the tool, as they will believe that their chores are fun activities rather than something to dread. Upon the completion of their quests, they will notice a check-mark on their interface, which will further encourage them to complete more tasks.

Quest Depot is not merely a habit and goal tracker, however. curaJOY explains that its end-to-end solution integrates goal setting, mood tracking, mindfulness, a reward system, and guided journals to create a comprehensive tool to improve personal success and emotional wellbeing. It addresses the gaps in social-emotional development instruction through an app that effortlessly engages the whole family in the learning process.

Aside from this, this new app promotes long-term adoption with built-in incentives, helps multi-cultural and immigrant families in different languages, and is financially and easily accessible.

Quest Depot has opened its waitlist and will launch in the Fall of 2022. It will offer 24/7 assistance to users through Facebook, Discord, WhatsApp, Line, and text. This approach provides families with convenient options to assess, learn, and practice their children’s interpersonal and EQ skills with minimal impact on their limited resources.

curaJOY is passionate about helping multi-cultural children develop the soft skills they need to thrive in life.

A company spokesperson said, “There isn’t a modern family who suffers from the problem of having too much time. Families need solutions that integrate seamlessly into their existing lifestyle and schedule rather than another “add-on” that they need to incorporate into the calendar.”

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