Leader’s Beacon Launches Majors Personality Type Inventory Psychometric Tool


Insights into Personality Discovery Made Easier and Quicker with Less Expensive, More Precise Majors Personality Type Inventory

Temecula, California Jun 16, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – The Majors PTI identifies the 16 different personality types linked to Carl Jungs work, along with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(R) and other related frameworks. While it produces the same four-letter personality type code that the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(R) is known for, the Majors PTI was created to take advantage of recent advances in the field of psychometric and theoretical thought about personality type, the new Majors PTI uses levels of similarity to provide clarity of results, with increased precision.

The Majors Personality Type Inventory is a less expensive, shorter (51 items), and more accurate alternative. It has correlations with other instruments like the MBTI(R) assessment. This innovative and reliable instrument builds on the fifty years of science behind psychological type, updating it with new, improved, and innovative psychometric technology.

Using advanced measurement techniques such as a non-forced choice format and respondent-based weighting methods, Dr. Mark Majors was able to create an instrument that more accurately determines the Jungian type, as identified by the standard (Myers) four-letter type code. And also provide a direct accurate scoring of the 8 Jungian mental functions (Majors/Jungian 8-Process Scores).

The Majors PTI uses levels of similarity to provide clarity of results and increased precision.” Says the developer, Dr. Mark Majors, “by using graduated response scales (somewhat like me, very like me), not only do you receive information about a choice decision (direction), but you also know the level of similarity between the person and the response (intensity).”

The Majors PTI is an excellent tool that will help your clients know and understand valuable information about how they take in information, direct their energy, and make decisions. The tool uses a neutral response that eliminates the measurement error that you will find in most other forced-choice psychological type assessments. Differential Intensity Weighting allows an individual to choose the most natural response as well as rate how similar the choice is to them. The Type Precision Module is a type of computer-adaptive assessment, which adapts the scoring method on the basis of an individual’s responses.

You can use the Majors PTI for culture change, employee development, talent development, performance development, executive coaching, team building, succession management, conflict resolution, career development, and more.

Kris Kiler, the CEO and President of Leader’s Beacon says, “Clients who use Majors Personality Type Inventory tool are always ready to hit the ground running and begin using their results soon. Developed by Dr. Mark Majors, this tool helps you in the important process of self-understanding and continued professional and personal growth. You can use this tool to address substantive career or organizational issues and challenges that your clients face.”

The Majors PTI was developed by Dr. Mark S. Majors. Dr. Majors is a counseling psychologist with extensive psychometric credentials. His Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and Multicultural Studies is from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and he earned an MS and BS in Psychology (with distinction) from Iowa State University. He is the author and developer of the Majors Elements of Personality Type (Majors Elements), Majors Occupational Environment Measure (Majors OEM), and the Majors SGI (Majors Spiritual Gifts Inventory). Mark also provided the data analysis on the 1994 Strong Interest Inventory, the MBTI(R) Form M, and Form Q, as well as the development of the IRT scoring for the MBTI(R) Form Q, and coauthor for the MBTI(R) Form Q Manual. While a research scientist at Consulting Psychologists Press, he led the psychometric and scoring development of the Strong Interest Explorer.

In addition to providing direct access to the Majors PTI, to help more practitioners understand the importance of using a personality instrument, Leader’s Beacon has also made available a special report Why Does The Personality Instrument Matter? The special report contains insightful information on the proper use of an assessment of personality typology.

Anyone interested in getting access to the Majors PTI, or the special report, can do so by clicking on the following link https://www.leadersbeacon.com/majors-pti/

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