Rosenhof Partners recommend VinFast as one the most important IPO’s of the year


Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R. Jun 17, 2022 ( – Highlights

  • VinFast was formed in 2017 with its first vehicle, a modified BMW.
  • Plans for a $6.5 billion manufacturing complex in North Carolina, and a U.S. IPO to help pay for it.
  • Two new all-electric models on sale in the U.S. by the end of this year.
  • With Vietnam’s population of more than 97 million, VinFast has a potentially lucrative home market.
  • The Haiphong plant has the capacity to produce an average of 38 vehicles an hour, or 250,000 EVs a year.
  • The smaller of the two models will start at $40,700 before delivery fees, the larger at $55,500.

Latest News VinFast shifts legal HQ to Singapore ready for IPO.

Vietnamese EV maker VinFast is shifting its legal and financial headquarters to Singapore as the fledgling company readies for a public listing and the first production run of cars for U.S. and European markets. VinFast has filed for an IPO in the U.S. through a Singapore-based holding company – though market conditions might push the deal into 2023.

“We feel that Singapore is a jurisdiction that will give investors more confidence. We plan to spend a lot more time in Singapore where VinFast is in the process of buying a building, turning what has been a paper company into an operating hub that would include an office and housing for staff and executives. We are determined to establish the company in Singapore,” A Vinfast spokesperson said.

VinFast and Amazon announce plans to integrate Alexa into electric vehicle models.

The Alexa in-vehicle experience is designed to be an extension of the Alexa experience at home, including much of what customers already know and love about Alexa – plus automotive-specific functionality including car control, navigation, and other skills that are designed for on-the-go circumstances, such as finding parking.

By simply asking Alexa, Vinfast customers can control vehicle functions including interior lighting, seat heaters, cabin temperature, playing music, listening to audiobooks, getting directions, checking traffic, managing their smart home devices, and more – all while keeping their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Over time, new features and capabilities will be delivered seamlessly through over-the-air software updates.





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