Silixa Discusses 3D Seismic & VSP on Intervention Fibre Optic Cables


Recently, Silixa discussed on its website how fibre optic intervention-based DAS seismic services offer a rapid, dependable, and cost-effective method for acquiring high-resolution borehole seismic.

Silixa’s fibre intervention-based seismic services provide a rapid and cost-effective method for imaging the subsurface, thereby providing actionable reservoir intelligence.

Due to the distributed nature of the measurement, each point along the fibre is sampled simultaneously for each source initiation, which drastically reduces the operating time required for a conventional survey and significantly increases the achievable wellbore coverage for moving source surveys.

Due to the distributed nature of the measurement, every point along the fibre is simultaneously sampled for every source initiation. This significantly reduces the operating time and increases the wellbore coverage that can be achieved.

Silixa’s iDAS and Carina Sensing System deliver the highest fidelity data with a significantly enhanced signal-to-noise ratio, thereby delivering absolute clarity in reservoir imaging and characterisation.

DAS interrogators can use Silixa’s proprietary SeiBerTM acquisition software to trigger the source using a conventional controller, or they can passively record the acoustic field continuously.

In passive mode, the DAS interrogator functions sample perfectly, ensuring that there is no data loss during transitions. By synchronising multiple DAS systems, multiwell acquisitions are made possible.

Silixa’s DAS seismic platforms can generate SEGY data files on site, integrating well geometry, source navigation, and time information–whether performing active or passive seismic acquisition.

Silixa was set up in 2007 to develop and commercialise the next generation of optical fibre sensors. During the past decade we have become the global leading provider of fibre-powered data solutions that address the most critical measurement challenges in the Alternative Energy, Mining, Environmental & Earth Sciences, Infrastructure and Oil & Gas sectors.

With its heritage of cutting-edge innovation and technological leadership, Silixa have been developing and manufacturing the world’s best performing distributed acoustic, temperature and most recently strain sensing systems. These leading-edge sensing technologies form the basis for a suite of its monitoring services directed towards the world’s most demanding measurement challenges.

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