The Kimberly Cloud Show Becoming a Hit Sensation


Santa Maria, California Jun 16, 2022 ( – Around August of 2021, The Kimberly Cloud Show was born. Through key players CEOs and Entrepreneurs, Kimberly Cloud developed a tight-knit plan. To create a platform geared towards helping others succeed or talk about their success, Kimberly Cloud wanted to help people be a part of a California television company. Bringing more people here to visit Santa Maria and watch their shows while enjoying the great views and scenery. With now being a producer at Santa Maria Community Tv network and Santa Barbra, and Tap Television, Kimberly Cloud is really determined on learning every creative way to edit, make movies, take pictures, boost up someone’s credibility, and create online talent.

With the flick of a switch/camera, Kimberly’s dreams come true, every time she goes onto Facebook/Metaverse/Instagram/Tiktok/Youtube, and now Twitter.

Stemming from Washington Dc, this creative, nerdy, whiz moved from Washington Dc down to Charlotte Nc, at the tender age of five. She then spent ten years in Charlotte Nc where she moved back up to Washington Dc after her mother’s detrimental early departure. She spent years trying to find her craft and her intuitive ways to become more talented at whatever she sets her mind to.

over twenty people under her freshman belt have been interviewed. This creative talented experimental adult is taking the world by force. With her interviewing people from the UK, California, and all over practically statewide she is trailblazing her success in being a mompreneur. “That is all I think about are my kids.” “I want to make them proud.”





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