Denise Carpenter Highlights a Celebration of Life for Earl Reginald Stevenson


Denise Carpenter reflects on her marriage to and the life of Earl Reginald Stevenson, a USMC veteran

Los Angeles, California Jun 19, 2022 ( – In a recent Celebration of Life in Los Angeles, Denise Carpenter, now living in Nevada, reflected on her marriage to and the life of Earl Reginald Stevenson, a USMC veteran, who was originally from South Africa, having been born there in 1959.

Ms. Carpenter went on to reflect on how she had met him at an equestrian event in Woodland Hills, California and emphasized how he was very family focused and always looked out for our kids and me. He was such an amazing man, husband and father to our children. We were living in the Los Angeles area in the 1980s and he had encountered some legal residency issues that resulted in him having to return to South Africa in early March 1988. At the time several large national news media organizations and newspapers in Southern California including the Los Angeles Times covered his career in the USMC.

We departed the United States and arrived in South Africa in early March 1988 and within a week he started experiencing some health issues that resulted in his passing of natural causes within a few weeks of our arrival there despite some medical interventions.

His family in South Africa and the U.S. had a small funeral and services in Durban and his ashes were presented to us for final resting.

His unexpected sudden passing completely devastated our family and after several months I decided to return to the U.S. with our children.

He was finally laid to rest in Los Angeles in 1988.

Wyatt is now working in the legal field in Phoenix. Ethan started his own business in San Francisco and Kimber works in corporate legal for a large Fortune 500 company in Los Angeles. They have all exceeded far beyond what he would have expected of them and would be so proud of. He also has several grandchildren and a great-grandchild.

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