Nibav Lifts Introduces Compact and Affordable Elevators with Superior Aesthetics and European Standards


Southbank, Victoria Jun 20, 2022 ( – Nibav Home Lifts delivers the most reasonably priced certified residential lifts to the Australian market. When it comes to a factor that affects human life, safety is one of the most crucial components. The elevator sector is one among those in which safety assurance is not just important but is crucial. Nibav Home Lifts provides a brand-new idea of vacuum home lifts in Australia that are suitable for homes, low-rise apartments, penthouses, bungalows, etc., in keeping with its mission to revolutionize vertical transportation across the country.

The elevator business is one of the most quality-and safety-oriented of all essential industries. Nibav has gone above and beyond to ensure safety with European safety standards, and zero impact on your home infrastructure. Several components of Nibav contribute to the preservation of vertical transport safety standards for future generations.

Before proceeding, here is a brief explanation of what vacuum lifts are and how Nibav has carved out a niche in the elevator market.

An Overview of Nibav home lifts

Nibav lifts are the only reputable and certified manufacturer of home pneumatic lifts in Australia. These home elevators are tastefully designed and are powered by the abundant resource, air, as well as the fundamentals of physics applied to real-world situations. Nibav house elevators promise to integrate smoothly into any home while providing uncompromised comfort and safety, making them the safest home elevator available in Australia.

Here are the features that make Nibav the ideal home lift.

Guaranteed Safety With Nibav Home Lifts

Why safety is deemed to be non-negotiable because it involves human life. Therefore, Nibav offers a multitude of safety measures that distinguish it from the competition, ensuring that everyone in India may experience the safety of Nibav house elevators.

Nibav home lifts have added major elements to its mechanisms, which have transformed the vertical transportation market across the country.

Why is the Nibav home elevator the safest?

  • Certified Residential Lift to European Standards
  • There are numerous elevator firms in India that claim to be the safest, but without evidence. Previously, there were no established criteria for house elevators, which led to terrifying accidents. Analyzing the sensitivity of this issue and the value of human life, Nibav has gone much beyond the borders of Europe to certify its vacuum lifts according to European safety, design, and performance standards.
  • Nibav offers TUV SUD-certified home elevators for every home. TUV SUD is a third-party organization that rigorously examines the home lift to ensure the passengers’ complete and absolute safety.

Four Safety Layers For Safety Assurance

The four layers of security enable Nibav to provide the people with a sense of perfect safety. These four layers of security consist of the following:

  • In the event of a power outage, the car will automatically stop at the nearest floor, and the passenger will be able to manually open the door and exit.
  • There is an Emergency Landing Button located inside and outside of the elevator that assists people in bringing the elevator to a stop on the nearest floor in the event that it becomes stuck. -Another safety feature known as ‘Sure Stop’ allows the elevator cabin to stop within 2 inches in the event that pneumatic pressure fails.
  • A typical door locking mechanism can be manually unlocked in an emergency.

Required Safety Features for Every Residential Elevator

The Nibav house lift and the elevator are equipped with all the necessary safety elements to ensure everyone’s safety. including the following:

  • Alarm system
  • LED luminaire and fan
  • Door protection switches
  • System of emergency ventilation
  • Childproof locks
  • GSM handset

With the introduction of Nibav Home Elevators, the concept of a pneumatic vacuum lift has entered the market, where a tiny home lift price in Australia easily meets the needs of any home. In addition, Nibav home elevators make safety and comfort accessible to all and welcome everyone to experience our centers, aiding you to select the ideal house lift for your home.





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