Richard Rakowitz, CEO of Yeet, announces venturing into developing NFT games.


New York, USA, 21st June 2022, ZEXPRWIRERichard Rakowitz is a New York-based programmer turned entrepreneur. He founded Yeet, a gaming hardware business, to follow his passion for gaming. He is responsible for all product development, growth, and distribution at Yeet. Yeet has developed a reputation for its integrity, performance, discipline, work ethic, and careful attention to detail under his leadership.

Through Yeet, Rakowitz has worked on a series of exciting projects in the past. The initiative to develop NFT games is yet another innovative project they announced to enhance gamers’ experience.

At Yeet, we have constantly been updating and enhancing the experiences in mobile game development. We have always been determined to offer the best quality products for the gaming community. For the past years, we have made one of the world’s biggest gamer-centric environments of gaming software, hardware, and services to satisfy gamers and make them happy. And the development of NFT games is yet another initiative.” ~ Richard Rakowitz

NFT game development will help Yeet cater to a diverse clientele across the globe, exceeding their expectations. Having decades of experience in the field of gaming, Yeet has an excellent in-house team of certified NFT game developers and designers. They aim to seamlessly integrate NFT into games, facilitating gamers to access its unique assets and earn while playing.

 “NFT Game Platform development has turned the tide in the digital space. They shower unique benefits to investors and participants. NFTs will operate on a blockchain network. These networks will contain virtual databases that will assist in tying ownership to a specific account. It will help buyers to protect themselves from the risks of counterfeit.” ~ Richard Rakowitz

NFT game developers at Yeet are working on creating in-game objects to help players store them in their digital wallets. Players can transfer, sell, trade, and prove ownership of their in-game assets.

About Richard Rakowitz

Richard Rakowitz, a graduate of NYU with a computer science degree, is the founder and CEO of Yeet. He worked as a programmer for major tech firms. Richard is responsible for the company’s product design, development, and promotion. He possesses outstanding and exemplary leadership qualities. His flexibility, great mindset, and communication skills make him an incredible role model for his staff.





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