A whimsical marketing campaign by The Good Chocolate is trying to hitch a ride to Mars on SpaceX’s Starship.

San Francisco, California Jun 22, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, is known to have a sweet tooth and wants to develop sugar-free chocolate to compete with See’s Candies, owned by billionaire investor Warren Buffet. During June and July 2022, The Good Chocolate is planning to promote Stellar Truffles, its new zero sugar truffle product line, by engaging customers and fans to reach and engage Elon Musk and SpaceX on social media.

An overview of the new Mission to Mars marketing campaign is available on Youtube.

According to Michael Melnick, CMO, and co-founder of The Good Chocolate, “We were inspired by Elon Musk’s and SpaceX’s captivating idea to make humanity multi-planetary and travel to Mars. We were compelled to create something meaningful that would contribute to the mission to Mars. We truly believe Stellar Truffle is not only a perfect treat for people on Earth, but for astronauts and future Mars inhabitants as well.”

Chocolate lovers who want to lower or eliminate sugar from their diet can now enjoy a line of rich, decadent truffles made without sugar. The Good Chocolate, an award-winning bean-to-bar chocolate maker for people seeking healthier lifestyles who also want the freedom to indulge, just announced the launch of the limited edition zero sugar Stellar Truffle, combined with a creative and whimsical marketing approach.

Stellar Truffles have a dark chocolate hard shell and come in 2 flavors: Coffee ganache and Vegan Peanut Butter ganache. Learn more about Stellar Truffles here: https://www.thegoodchocolate.com/stellar-truffles-launch/

Ben Glass, CEO and co-founder of The Good Chocolate, says, “Zero sugar chocolate turns out to have some fantastic benefits that can be meaningful for the very challenging circumstances experienced in space travel. It offers a boost of energy without raising blood sugar and causing sugar crashes, which can be very helpful to Astronauts performing complex tasks under hazardous conditions. It reduces the consumption of ’empty’ calories from sugar, which itself has no nutrients. Also, cacao’s active ingredient, theobromine, which has been demonstrated to enhance focus and concentration, can be obtained by Astronauts without ingesting all that added sugar from conventional chocolate.”

Stellar Truffles specifications:

  • Silver gift box of 4 truffles, 0.4oz each
  • 1 net carb per truffle
  • 45 calories per truffle

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