Introducing ServicePlus Home Warranty’s New TV Commercial and Offers


In this PR, we are going to discuss our new offers and commercials on Home Warranty Plan

Edison, New Jersey Jun 23, 2022 ( – ServicePlus Home Warranty enables real estate professionals to provide their clients with a convenient way to purchase a home warranty plan that ensures the perfect peace of mind for the homeowners. This home warranty offers two types of plans- Gold and Platinum as well as additional options for the homeowners. A lot of homeowners in the US still misunderstand a home warranty plan with the home insurance but they are different investment options. A home warranty plan is an annual service contract between a homeowner and the home warranty service providing company. According to the contract, a homeowner can cover their appliances and systems under the plan and if any of the covered items breaks down due to regular wear and tears, the company either repairs or replaces the item subject to the terms of coverage. On the other hand, “The home insurance is a totally different ballgame”-David Seruya, the CEO of ServicePlus Home Warranty, said-“The home insurance covers the structural damages to the home due to fire, theft, storm and other natural disasters but it doesn’t cover the components inside a home that fail due to normal everyday use, and having a home insurance plan is a must when you have a mortgage. On the other hand, a home warranty plan is always an optional investment plan for the consumers.”

Currently, ServicePlus Home Warranty has come up with an offer where policyholders can redeem free home security equipment from ADP, which includes free installation and activation. Plus, consumers will be entitled to a $100 Visa reward card with a newly-installed ADT monitoring system.

ServicePlus Home Warranty has also rolled out its TV commercial to promote its plans and offers in front of a wider audience. Furthermore, it offers 2 free months along with $200 off with purchase on any single-payment plan.

“Appliances and systems are not made like they used to – things simply break down more often – even brand new appliances. All homeowners should be made aware that a home warranty is a crucial financial protection plan which offers some relief from budget-breaking household repair expenses”-David said, “This is the reason why we have decided to come up with a nationwide TV commercial to let more people know more about the benefits of a home warranty plan.”





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