Dentaverse(TM) enters dental NFT space – the first global web3 community for dental professionals


On the 7th of July, the Dentaverse(TM) community will open its virtual doors. Their vision is simple: Create an NFT backed community that will drive innovation on different levels within dentistry.

Brussel, Belgium Jun 24, 2022 ( – By connecting dental professionals with software engineers, marketing gurus, private equity investors, and business consultants the Dentaverse team aims to join and support those already innovating within the dental profession. Backed by a team of carefully selected dentist ambassadors the Dentaverse project is already creating value for those involved.

The collection consists of 4000 3D animated NFTs that are the product of a collaboration between artists, dentists, and technology experts. The 3D animated NFTs are created by Collation Studio, a world-renowned 3D lab. These unique pieces of art in their own right are then immutably, forever, injected into the Ethereum blockchain via smart contract.

“We are the first in the dental industry to be creating synergies within the dentistry community and web3,” says Martin Ravets (co-founder at Dentaverse). “Developing this project to be distinct in its visual form, we have been focusing on the 3D art down to every little detail, accessory, and cultural reference. Our goal is that by focusing on launching a thoughtful project and community, Dentaverse will be able to make a seamless, harmonious blend of the oncoming metaverse and real dentistry life, to the benefit of people around the globe.”

We connect the Dentaverse community by hosting online and offline events. Dentaverse Club lounges will be available for NFT holders at Dentalia in Brussels, AEEDC in Dubai, IDS in Cologne, ADF in Paris, and GNYDM in New York during 2022 and 2023.

“We have started the journey of bringing an industry that touches each and every person on this planet forward into web3 and trustless technology,” as JSB (co-founder at Dentaverse) puts it. “Our core philosophy at Dentaverse is that we are stronger together. When like-minded individuals from around the world come together there is a foundation for the magic to happen. Or as my communications guru Floris would say: “when preparation meets opportunity, you can create your own luck”. Meaningful interactions lead to luck, both digitally and in real life.

The NFTs consist of multiple different attributes (e.g. lips, teeth, background) which together create the unique characteristics of the artwork. These then exist in a unique universe of their own, giving a distinct theme to each NFT. From nature to traveling and from sports to real art.

All NFTs will be available through for whitelist mint on Thu Jul 7th, 2022. The public sale will start on the 21st of July 2022 and the reveal is planned during the first live Dentaverse event at the Dentalia exhibition in September 2022 in Brussels, Belgium.

– Watch our video “The 4000 piece Dentaverse collection is joining the NFT space.” on YouTube.





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