Leveraged – Equity Global Capital to increase funds for investment globally.


London, United Kingdom Jun 24, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Leveraged & Equity Global Capital – Expansion of Services & Capital to increase funds for investment globally.

Leveraged & Equity Global Capital S.A. is pleased to announce its corporate restructuring that the Directors believe is more suitable for the 21st century, the issues the world has faced since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, followed by the heart-breaking scenes from the war in the Ukraine, and to improve our objective of creating a more open investment and financing world.

The Leveraged & Equity Global Capital S.A. funding base remains in the British Virgin Islands for tax neutrality from both a lending and borrower perspective, whilst giving the security of process through its use of the British legal system.

However, we have become increasingly aware of “tax evasion” issues surrounding the BVI and similar locations. Therefore, for transparency we have this month established a UK registered L&EGC, with a fully paid share capital of £500,000 from the existing L&EGC management to show substance, transparency and tax adherence., the new company is Leveraged & Equity Global Capital (UK) Limited.

It will structure transactions for the BVI platform and our leasing division. It will trade as both Leveraged & Equity Investment Partners and Leveraged & Equity Lessor Partners, previously trading names linked to our BVI company.

L&EGC CEO -Chris Bardouleau said “Whilst our core business methodology and focus remain largely unchanged, the conversion of commercial and project risk to credit risk. A vital focus in these troublesome economic times.

These structural changes and added investment in our services side, will enable more in investment for ESG and SDG projects globally, at a time substantial amounts of institutional investment capital is reverting to safe havens. Leaving valuable and profitable projects unfunded”

L&EGC’s capital is only invested in qualifying Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) or Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) projects or compliant borrowers, our primary focus covers the following sectors.

  • Infrastructure and project. Including mass transit, bridges, water, hazardous waste removal, telecommunications and waste management.
  • Renewable Energy. L&EGC is committed to actively financing the renewable sector including solar, biomass, wind, geothermal and hydro.
  • Technology. Financing of major, or annual budget, technology deployment including hardware, software, AAS, cloud and services. L&EGC is also dedicated to the principles and goals of the World Wide Web Foundation.
  • Real Estate. All sectors excluding speculative industrial.
  • Emerging Markets & Economies. Aiming to assist the UN Developing Countries Post Covid 19 financing goals.
  • Balance Sheet Refinancing, Restructuring & Defined Benefit Deficits.

Additionally, we provide an IP protected non-performing loan acquisition programme for banks in North America and Europe.

If you would like further information about Leveraged & Equity Global capital funding, investment and advisory services having read this press release please email:

L&[email protected]

Call: +44 870 321 5171

Christopher Bardouleau

Leveraged & Equity Global Capital Group Chief Executive Officer






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