Completion of funding round brings Metaphysiks one step closer to embodying the Metaverse


Immersive technology company Metaphysiks has received $2M in funding to support their advancements in life-like bodily stimulation.

Lausanne, Vaud Jun 24, 2022 ( – Metaphysiks, a groundbreaking immersive technology company combining world-leading neuroscience and robotics to create multisensory experiences, has announced the completion of its seed funding to support its advancements in life-like bodily stimulation.

Metaphysiks will contribute to humanizing the Metaverse, bringing physical and emotional engagement into the digital world.

The funding will accelerate the transformation and commercialization of its intellectual property into a neuro-haptic skin that allows users to bring their sensations, emotions, and cognition into the metaverse.

The round was led by an international investment firm, TNF (The New Frontiers) Investments, and was joined by numerous prominent investors including Logitech, Tej Tadi (founder of Swiss multi-unicorn Mindmaze), and All Here SA. Samir Khosla, Venture Partner at TNF, who has been working closely with the founders since 2021, has been appointed to the Metaphysiks’ Board of Directors.

Metaphysiks’ core technology, MetaTouch, is based on a decade of cutting-edge research in the laboratories of Metaphysiks’ co-founder and world-leading neuroscientist, Prof. Olaf Blanke, MD. MetaTouch effectively connects the nervous system via the surface of the skin using neuroscience-based thermo-variant & haptic-tactile products, with the end goal of inducing or enriching conscious experiences integrated with digital environments.

Through its first product “STiLL”, Metaphysiks is able to deliver rich bodily touch sensations that mimic physiological signals and deliver them in an integrated methodology, prompting the user’s mind to generate conscious experiences.

Speaking on the recent round of funding, TNF Investments founder, Erkin Bek said: “We are delighted to support Metaphysiks’ rollout of its cutting-edge immersive technology that will empower digital environments with new and rich tactile experiences, deeply rooted in neuroscience. Metaphysiks is poised to positively transform human lives and institutions by merging the physical and digital worlds.”

TNF Venture Partner, Samir Khosla added: “We look forward to supporting the team and the company as they commercialize their intellectual property into industries with burning needs for better experiences, to name a few healthcare, esports, life sciences, digital workplaces, and entertainment.”

Along with Prof. Olaf Blanke, MD, the pioneering team includes several industry-leading experts, boasting decades of experience in the field of robotics, neuroscience, and haptic technology.

Simon Gallo, Ph.D., Metaphysiks Co-founder and Head of Technology said: “Rich haptic feedback is the key enabler to truly feeling the Metaverse. The goal is to integrate our neuro-haptic skin into objects of our daily life, like chairs or keyboards, thereby transforming them into access points to unique digital experiences.”

Giulio Rognini, Ph.D., Metaphysiks Co-founder and Head of Partnerships added: “This funding round validates the vast potential of Metaphysiks’ platform and supports our vision of connecting digital worlds with our body to make the digital realm feel real.”

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