Mobile Sports Game World Baseball Stars Celebrate the Release of Stadium 9!


Seoul, South Korea Jun 24, 2022 ( – Publisher and mobile game developer FourThirtyThree Inc. (4:33) today announced that it has released its brand new ballpark, Stadium 9, in World Baseball Stars (WBS).

In World Baseball Stars, every stadium offers a unique park factor – based on its size, wind speed, direction, and air density – that affects both the ball and the player, resulting in the unpredictable yet thrilling gaming experience. For Stadium 9, the strong wind from the south gives this ballpark a unique park factor.

World Baseball Stars is a real-time, multiplayer casual sports game developed by 4:33. With intuitive tap-and-swipe controls, this revolutionary baseball game features real-time one-on-one matches with players all over the world.

The gameplay is fast and exciting, with simple controls and high-quality graphics. Dynamic pitching and batting actions are available in multiplayer mode.

To celebrate the release of Stadium 9, WBS is offering free entry for the Event Games until the 30th of June. 150 Gems, 10 Thoroughbred Bats, and other in-game items will be rewarded for those who access the game.

World Baseball Stars is now available on Android and iOS platforms in 140 countries.





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