Roger Bendelac fully rejects validity of the claim the SEC filed in SEC vs Trends Investments Inc et. al.


New York City, New York Jun 25, 2022 ( – The same SEC that is not following on a multi-million dollars whistle blower case because it would affect billionaires, the same one that left us with the nightmare of the 2008 crisis with zero serious prosecutions, has an operation in Boston, where they try to extend jurisdiction all over the country using a local DA and a Special FBI Agent to manufacture cases in the entire country. Using grand jury in a way that is not appropriate and ending up with bogus cases.

Then using FINRA and OTC to disrupt and affect legitimate businesses or persons under the false pretext of knowledge provided by the SEC rogue operations. In that operation, a well-known unscrupulous agent is David Scheffler of SEC Enforcement Boston who along with other unscrupulous SEC employees essentially spends his time adding innocent parties to cases that have no logic. In doing so, Mr. Scheffler is a major contributor to fraud on the public.

It is a well-known principle of law that retroactivity is not a way to administer cases but in the case of the SEC vs. Trends Investments Inc. et. al, the rogue parties at SEC Enforcement Boston are attempting for example to attribute trading that took place 1 1/2 year later to unrelated events concerning private sales by third parties. A lack of logic that would be extremely comical if it was not for the effect on the innocent defendants, dragged in simply because of an unscrupulous and unethical SEC operation.

All disturbed by the brutal power of government misused by unethical agents should be concerned about the Boston SEC pseudo protection of investors but in fact an ill-advised anti-constitutional quasi rogue operation since in all likelihood the violations of fourth amendment rights they practice are not disclosed nor is their rogue influence on employment of private citizens through the use of FINRA to secretly harass and blacklist,

” I fully reject the SEC bogus claim and I accuse the Boston Enforcement office of running an ant- constitutional and rogue operation against an innocent citizen with complicity at the Boston ADA office and the local FBI office, as well as with FINRA ” stated Roger Bendelac who added: ” Fortunately, the legal system in the U.S. will allow us to clarify once and for all that the rights of U.S. citizens cannot be trampled by rogue operators even if they work for the SEC and use the crushing power of the government . ”





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