۲ Tips for Designing Music Album,The less musician design is less than a hovercraft.

Jamus is one of the most famous rapper in Iran and the world capable of making all the work of making music, cover design, mixing and mastering, poetry and publishing music and more.

Now the Abolfazl Arab wants to tell all the golden things that help fans in making a cover.

If as a musician or designer, you are interested in designing the music album or are working in the field.

When designing a music album to be careful; From choosing the right typography to a abstract from that piece (short clip from speech or music made from a longer and more complete version of the audio, which is often used for advertising or sample) as well as a combination and layout. Suitable for images together.

1 Be careful about the application of your design

Think of different sizes of your album, as an album is used in different places from advertising billboards and social media to a music app, which may even operate in its smartphone. So try to create a design that is symbolic to work in the small size and at the same time has enough details to make it look great in larger sizes.

/1 use creative packaging

Today, many artworks are related to the design of the music album for a single song that is digitally presented. But if you have the opportunity to create a unique packaging for a DVD album, take this opportunity and showcase your creativity. There is no need to spend a lot of money for creativity! You can get a screen print from your packaging design and only produce the DVD itself commercially.

1/ Before the design begins, know the artist’s artistic style

The biggest goal of a designer is to allow the sound of a music band or an artist to be recognized instead of his design art. Always before you start your design, you should be careful about which style of the music band and their fans are more in line with it. Some of the artists you work with have a special path to help them know what themes to focus on and what themes to avoid to create their own unique style. Have their own unique.

Listen to the music when designing the music album

Listening to the music you are designing for the cover helps you do the best design for it. Even if you think you have a definite opinion about that music and its weather, listen to it again. You may get new ideas that you don’t think of from the music and the text of its poem.

Now that you know how to make a music album design in the best way, do it and apply your creativity; To get started you can re -design new or old albums.





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