Nerger’s Auto Express Issues Gas Saving Tips for 4th of July Travel


Although gas prices are near all-time highs, Nerger’s Auto Express, a Bound Brook, New Jersey family-owned and operated auto repair shop wants to help families to proceed with their 4th of July holiday plans. To that end, Brian Nerger, owner of Nerger’s Auto Express has released a list of 10 tips to help drivers maximize fuel efficiency this holiday weekend.

“It’s a shame that prices just keep climbing. So many people want to take advantage of the long holiday weekend, or just get away this summer. Yet, for many, the price of gas is making it cost-prohibitive. Our team can’t do anything about the prices, but we can offer suggestions for maximizing fuel efficiency over the 4th of July, and all summer long. So even if a long road trip isn’t in the cards, people can hopefully at least get away to the Shore, or somewhere else that is a bit closer. We all need a break after the past few years,” Nerger said.

To that end, Nerger’s has released the following 4th of July gas savings tips for those looking to travel this holiday weekend and beyond.

Use the air conditioning sparingly

Air conditioning use slashes fuel efficiency. Nerger advises setting the system to economy/re-circulate. If you can remain comfortable without the system running, this can maximize fuel efficiency.

Check Tire Pressures

Deflated tires can reduce efficiency. Make sure they are set to their proper specifications, or even 1-2 lbs. higher.

Check for the Best Prices

Websites such as or can help you find the lowest-priced gas in virtually any region in the nation. The difference may seem negligible, but on long trips especially, the savings can add up.

Keep an Eye on Your Speed

Fuel efficiency declines above 50 mph. Nerger advises drivers to avoid speeding, accelerating rapidly, or braking rapidly.

Join a Gas Loyalty Program

A gas loyalty program offered by station chains, supermarkets, and others can trim valuable cents off each gallon you purchase.

Keep the Car Free from Excess Weight

If you’re taking a family vacation, encourage everyone to pack lighter than normal. Excess weight or heavy loads reduce fuel efficiency.

Use Cruise Control

For freeway driving, in light to moderate traffic, cruise control can help get the most mileage out of a fill-up.

Avoid Unnecessary Idling

Idling wastes gas. It’s unavoidable in some situations, but avoid leaving the car running when for example, a family member is running into a store, while you’re waiting to pick up items you’ve ordered online, etc.

Keep the Windows Up

Having the windows down creates drag, which cuts into fuel efficiency. You should never have them down when the air conditioning is running.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Regular oil changes, throttle plate carbon cleaning, tune-ups, spark plugs, high-quality fluid flushes, fuel induction cleaning, and regular wheel alignments can keep your car using gasoline most efficiently.

“When followed, these gas-saving travel tips can help make the cost of a 4th of July, or other summer getaway just a little bit more manageable. Every penny counts these days, and we are always trying to do our part to help, by keeping our customers informed and their cars running great,” Nerger said.

Nerger’s Auto Express has provided complete auto repair services in Bound Brook, New Jersey since 1989. As a locally owned, family business Nerger’s provides oil changes, transmission repairs, towing services, check engine lights, tire and wheel service, fleet service, preventative maintenance, and tune-ups. Free pick-up and delivery for customers are available. Nerger’s Auto Express is located at 101 W. Main Street in Bound Brook. Visit, schedule an appointment online, or call 732.356.6060.

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