New York City, New York Jun 28, 2022 ( – Rowan Shaw has lived a pretty normal life. Quarterback of his high school’s football team, with good grades, and popularity. Things were going pretty smoothly for Rowan, until one fateful night when a party had gone horribly wrong. Claws, fangs, fur, and blood – These images were burned into the back of Rowan’s mind as he struggled to remember. Now, confused and afraid, Rowan finds himself tossed into a world of the unknown, and on the run from an enemy, he never knew existed.

Romance, adventure, magic, and more. This book draws upon all aspects of a great fantasy world. Each character is crafted with their own unique personality traits that breathe life into the book and create someone you can relate to. Whether old or young, there will always be something in this world that you can enjoy.

Available on amazon kindle & soft cover, starting July 01, 2022.

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