Nitin Gaur Discusses How Cryptocurrency Supports The Digital World


The Gold Rush Crypto Summit welcomes Nitin Gaur, who currently leads IBM Financial Sciences Research Practice as part of IBM Research.

He served as a Founder and Director of IBM Digital Asset Labs and was the CTO of IBM World Wire, a cross-border payment solution utilising digital assets.

Nitin was appointed as the IBM Distinguished Engineer and an IBM Master Inventor with a rich patent portfolio and also founded IBM Blockchain Labs.

He serves as Research and Portfolio Manager for Portal Asset Management, a multi-manager fund specializing in Digital Assets and DeFi Investment Strategies.

Nitin Gaur shares some tips with The Gold Rush Crypto Summit and an overview of how to think about investing in cryptocurrencies as a beginner. As a financial expert, he discusses how Cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, caught his attention and started his Crypto journey.

“What clicked to me was the simplicity of it. That you’re trusting a system, a network which is not managed by any single entity. It’s driven by protocol and you get an incentive, which means you keep the protocol up and running. And it was that simple. So that simplicity took the whole thing to say, this could be a global thing.” Gaur explained.

Nitin shares how modern technologies like Cryptocurrency changed the traditional ecosystem by modernizing and digitizing transactions. He also discussed other success stories with cryptocurrency.

“The ecosystem now to say, you know, it is not just about digitizing your finance or tokenizing the things that we do and speeding things up. It’s about figuring out how I can traverse through multiple universes?,” Gaur stated.

“It’s a convergence of the techno-social-cultural shift as we see. And I think, as a part of being both technical, I try to understand the technical underpinnings of these things, but also as an investor to know what the other investment managers are talking about,” he added.

Learn more crypto tips and strategies as Nitin Gaur inspires the crypto community sharing how he started his crypto journey and supports others through cryptocurrency.

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